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The Virgin Mary has a pretty amazing story. She's super pregnant and heads off via donkey clear across the country. Then she gives birth to the Messiah in a manger. After that, some rich guys stop by, give her very nice but super unconventional baby gifts, and tell her that her new son is on the government's most-wanted list. Are you ready to take on the role of Mary? These Virgin Mary costumes are perfect for the role!
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Womens Nativity Mary Costume
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Girls Virgin Mary Costume
Women's Mary Costume
Women's Plus Size Nativity Mary Costume
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Girl's Nativity Mary Costume
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Holy Bible Purse
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Adult Virgin Mary Costume
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When it comes to biblical characters, the Virgin Mary is one of the most iconic and recognizable figures out there. The virgin Mary dress is always draped with a beautiful blue cloak. The blue has been constant for hundreds of years. The particular hue represents Mary's purity. It also symbolizes heaven by copying the blue of the sky.

Way back in the 5th century, the stone that would be ground up to create Mary's blue cloak was more expensive than gold. This made the virgin Mary stand out in paintings as the queen of heaven. If you're planning on dressing up as the Madonna, you'll have a few options when it comes to your apparel. 

If you want to look like you've stepped straight out of a classical biblical painting, you'll love the Nativity Mary Costume. This Made By Us costume stands out from our other Virgin Mary costumes as it features a sacred heart icon and a starry halo. It's perfect for making an entrance in nativity plays and church festivals. 

If you're looking for a Virgin Mary costume for a child, then you have plenty of choices. The child Nativity Mary costume comes in a variety of sizes and can be purchased by church groups for a different Mary to star in the nativity every year. The girl's Virgin Mary dress also comes in more subdued, realistic colors, making it a perfect match with the Joseph costume. While the Girls Virgin Mary costume might not have the royal blue from the Made By Us costume, it's still trimmed in gold to make sure that your little Mary stands out in the light of any Nativity scene. 

Virgin Mary costumes aren't just for ceremonies and biblical tales. Plenty of people are interested in purchasing a Virgin Mary Halloween costume per year. Mary's blue cloak and veil are perfect for chilly, fall weather. And if you're looking for a maternity costume, choosing one of our Virgin Mary costumes is a great idea. You can easily make jokes about there being no room at the inn and getting to the party on a donkey. Innocent and comfortable, a Mary and Joseph costume could be a great couple's costume!

If you want more Virgin Mary costume ideas, you might want to start accessorizing! Pair your Virgin Mary dress with golden sandals and a halo. Some people might even want to go a step further and fit a fake belly prop under their dress. The belt on most of our Virgin Mary dresses can be fitted over the baby Jesus bump. 

We have Mary costumes for everyone from those that are looking for a family-friendly Halloween costume to folks that need costumes for their youth group's nativity play. Choose from a range of sizes from plus size to children's sizes. With timeless styles and high-quality Virgin Mary costumes that can be worn again and again, you'll be glad that you purchased your saintly garb through us. Love your virgin Mary dress? Be sure and tag us in social media posts to be featured on the Virgin Mary costume page! Monster