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True and the Rainbow Kingdom Costumes

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Help your little one make their Wishes come true with True and the Rainbow Kingdom Halloween costumes! Whether your kiddo loves True, Bartleby, or Zee, our True Halloween costume selection has them covered! With a True Rainbow Kingdom costume in their collection or a True wig to pair with playtime ensembles, every big imagination will surely shine!
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Girl's True and the Rainbow Kingdom True Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler True and the Rainbow Kingdom Zee Costume
Sale - 43% Made By Us
Toddler True and the Rainbow Kingdom Bartleby Cat Costume
Made By Us Exclusive
Toddler True and the Rainbow Kingdom True Costume
Sale - 17% Made By Us
True and the Rainbow Kingdom Kids Zee Costume
Sale - 25% Made By Us

From the first super duper dance party to today, True and the Rainbow Kingdom has inspired big imaginations! Pillow forts turned into Colorseums, every bush a Wishing Tree, and wishes superpowers. If a kiddo in your life has fallen in love with the colorful world of True and her friends, then it's time to make the Wish come true.

Our True and the Rainbow Kingdom costumes promise to help!

Make-believe feels a little more magical with costumes to match the adventure, and whether kids prefer True or Bartleby, our True costume collection lets them bring the character to life for playtime or Halloween!

Children will feel like the main character every time they play with a True Rainbow Kingdom costume and the character's stunning blue pigtails. Shop toddler and kid sizes of our exclusive ensembles. With standard and deluxe styles for both age ranges, you've got options for ease and authenticity. Both styles carry official licensing, so either pick is sure to excited fans.

However, if you're looking for something easy, our standard is the way to go with just two pieces that make it perfect for playtime or a one-use trick-or-treat outfit that doesn't sacrifice durability. Our deluxe style, meanwhile, makes a great starter look for young cosplayers. And with seven pieces to work with, kids can mix and match their wardrobe with True's. Plus, with the same Made By Us label as the standard ensemble, you know it's built to last!

Kiddo got a group costume in mind? Or maybe they want you to play the lead while they become another favorite character? Our Bartleby cat costume options and Zee costume are sure to help!

To match our True offerings, we have a toddler and kid size in both our Zee and Bartleby costume. Our licensed Zee costume comes with multiple easy-to-wear pieces that create an authentic look. All you'll need to complete the ensemble is purple hair color or a purple wig that gives your kiddo the magical style Zee enjoys!

Our Bartleby costumes make becoming the loyal kitty a dressing Wish come true! Made of plush materials and designed as a hooded jumpsuit with an attached tail and mitten "paws," it's cuddly, warm, and ready for snuggles at home or Halloween adventures! Pair the cozy costume with comfy shoes, throw up the hood, and maybe accessorize with a cat makeup kit, and Bartleby is ready for anything!

Looking to add Grizelda or another character to the costume collection? Explore our princess costumes or other fairytale selections for DIY inspirations and solutions! With this selection and a site filled with over 20,000 costumes and accessories, we can help any costume Wish come true!