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Straight Jacket Costumes

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What do a magician and a serial killer have in common? Well, hopefully, nothing more than their straight jacket attire! Bring a little magic (or murder) to your season when you dress up in a Straight Jacket costume. You can look like you're off to Arkham Asylum or that you're ready to pull off the best magic trick out there. (Who knows, maybe a bit of both!) When you have a straight jacket accessory, all sorts of new costumes are possible!
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Women's Insane Asylum Costume
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Plus Size Women's Insane Asylum Costume
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There are lots of different articles of clothing that can say a certain something about whoever might be wearing them. When you see someone walking around in a tuxedo coat and a monocle, you're expecting some kind of lordly prince or the butler of an expensive estate. If you see someone with a long cape and a dark cowl, you can be sure that they're going to be whispering with a gravelly voice that they are, indeed, the Batman. Of course, if they show up in a loose-fitting Hawaiian shirt, a pair of trunks, and goggles on their brow, you can be sure that they are ocean-bound. 

So what happens when you find that they are wearing a straightjacket? They can be oddly intimidating. Many coats can seem a little confining, but when you've got a garment with long sleeves and fabric ties designed to wrap your arms around your body and then fasten you stiff, well that's a whole new kind of camisole! Perhaps they are a street magician who is about to unveil some pretty amazing escapology stage magic. Of course, they could be an escaped serial killer who is just itching for an opportunity to claim their next victim... (or maybe just scratch their nose). 

Either way, it can sure be fun to jump into that kind of costume and create a character that nobody will soon forget. That's why you will love our straightjacket costumes! These tunics sure look like they are going to be trouble to climb in and out, but they are designed to be far less of a struggle than conventional ones. With all sorts of buckles, straps, and D-rings (which are mostly decorative), our straight-jacket costumes look like they are the real thing... but still give you an easier time getting out of them than the normal type. 

Add in some of our straight jacket accessories to give you the look of Hannibal. Darken your eyes with some makeup and it will seem like you've been thrown into the Arkham Asylum by none other than the Dark Knight, himself. Or wear our exclusive straight jacket costumes under a grand magician's cape and it'll look like you are ready for a show with the snap of your fingers. 

Whether you want to impress, scare, to just give folks creepy looks from the corner of your costume party, these straight jacket costumes are the key to a fun time! (Now if only we could get out of the real straight jacket that we put ourselves in trying to create an authentic look. Can we get a hand!?)