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Complete your alien, unicorn, dancing queen, or disco-unicorn-alien costume with our selection of silver shoes! This shining collection of footwear offers everything from metallic hooves to faux shoe buckles to perfect your unique Halloween costume. Discover all the silver costume shoes and ideas for kids, adults, and werewolves when you shop our selection!
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Mens Silver Hologram Pimp Shoe
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Unicorn Costume Back Hooves Silver
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Deluxe Silver Gogo Boots Single UPD
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KISS Spaceman Boots
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Silver Glitter Boots
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Men's Silver Glitter Platform Shoes
Women's Silver Mermaid Heels1
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Women's Silver Mermaid Shoes1
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Silver Shoe Buckles
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We’ve said it time, and again, accessories make the costume! When it comes to fantasy, sci-fi, or some wonderfully baffling hybrid, that's even more true. But if you're planning an alien ensemble or glittering disco goddess outfit, you've come to the right place! Our selection of silver costume shoes is an excellent place to find the footwear that'll have your Halloween look ready to strut its stuff!

Not sure which pair of sparkling platforms, pumps, or covers you should choose? Follow along with this quick overview of all the options available in our selection. We may even kick up a few new costume ideas for you to create with silver shoes as the star!

Let's start with a costume that might be the obvious choice for silver footwear: Disco! The 70s were fraught with fashion extremes, and when it comes to 70s costumes, your options tend to stick to them. Either you're wearing flowy earth tones and headbands or slaying on the dancefloor in fluorescent colors and metallic finery! Channel the futuristic vibes the 70s were clearly trying to achieve at the disco when you pair your disco costume dress or pantsuit with shimmering silver platform boots or heels! Our selection offers sizes for kids and adults and styles ranging from stiletto to the truest pair of platform boots you've ever seen!

Now, how about some more obscure reasons to stun in silver shoes? Mermaids don't have feet. But you do! Why not make those toes sparkle like the mystical creature they're attached to with iridescent silver flats or pumps? Whether you're a little mermaid that got their legs for the day or creating an everyday look inspired by the sirens of the sea, either option is an excellent addition to your wardrobe! Mermaids aren't the only unique look in need of footwear, though. Werewolves and unicorns are equally as mystical as mermaids, and shoes are probably required when you're transforming into either for Halloween, convention season, or playtime. Our silver shoe covers are here to ensure your werewolf or unicorn ensemble doesn't have modern sneaks breaking the illusion. And while they're at it, they'll also add a bit of shine to the look!

There are lots of reasons you may be hunting for silver shoes. Halloween is a top reason, of course, but disco-themed bachelorette parties, social media-worthy Disney bounds, and even school holiday pageants could also send you searching. So, put together that chromed-out alien costume without fear of missing the right shoes. Assemble your child's pilgrim costume for the school play, complete with removable shoe buckles. And invent a character so colorful they've become the full spectrum when you shop our silver costume shoes selection! Monster