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Sexy Superhero Costumes

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When you want to save the day and look good doing it, a plain jane ordinary superhero outfit just won't do. You're going to need a sexy superhero costume to get the job done! We've got a great selection of sexy superhero costumes for women to get you started. Shop them all right here to see the top options!
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Womens Red Wet Look Zip Front Bodysuit
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Whether you define sexy as showing a lot of skin or as form-fitting to accentuate your shape, we have a sexy superhero costume for you! We have costumes that provide full coverage but are still sexy. And plus sizes can be sexy, too!

You can choose to be a heroine or a villainess, and look hot for your man. You can join with him for a couple's theme, too! One of you can be a hero, the other can be a sidekick or villain. Think Batman or Batgirl with Robin or The Riddler. Or you can be equal members of a team such as the Avengers. Think Captain America and Black Widow or American Dream. Or Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Sexy isn't just about the look, though that's important. Sexy is about attitude. You want to project a "come hither" aura that invites your man's attention. So practice the sultry gaze, the pouting mouth, and the sexy walk. If your guy likes "bad girls," choose one of our villainess costumes--maybe Harley Quinn or Catwoman. If strength turns him on, try Wonder Woman or Silk Spectre II.

Whichever costume you choose, you'll look great! We unfortunately can't give you a super power, just a super look. Acting the superheroine part is up to you. Monster