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Whether your holiday mantra is “bah humbug” or you’re excited to bring the spirit of Christmas to Dickens’ iconic character, our selection of Scrooge costumes have you covered! Go full cranky Ebenezer with the miser’s Victorian suit. Keep comfy, despite the ghosts, in an Ebenezer Scrooge nightgown costume. Or grab both and put on a performance of the classic Christmas tale!
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Adult Ebenezer Scrooge Costume
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Plus Size Ebenezer Scrooge Costume
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Plus Size Men's Humbug Nightgown Costume
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Men's Humbug Nightgown Costume
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Aside from the Clauses, Jesus, and all manner of elf, there are few Christmas characters more iconic than Ebenezer Scrooge. The miserly Victorian is so well-known, in fact, that his name has become an adjective. It can be dropped in casual conversation without confusion and even act as a clever punchline. So, when the holidays roll around and people start chiming in with their “don’t be such a Scrooge,” comments feel free to ignore. Come shop with us instead and show them all how to be a Scrooge properly!

Not sure which Ebenezer Scrooge costume you should choose? Allow us to introduce you to the ghost of Scrooges present, here to guide you through our selection of Ebenezer Scrooge pajamas, suits, and costume accessories. This quick overview is sure to inspire your selection and plenty of ways to put these iconic looks to work.

Let’s start with the obvious reason to buy a Scrooge costume. You get to portray the Charles Dickens character. Our Made By Us Scrooge costumes are a perfect choice, whether for a small community theater or your family’s extravagant holiday celebrations! Constructed with quality in mind, even Ebenezer himself would approve of the investment. Gorgeous brocade fabrics and sturdy designs are used in the making of Scrooge’s familiar tails, vest, and top hat outfit. Meanwhile, 100% cotton gauze brings his well-worn nightshirt to life. Complemented with a pair of our exclusive eyeglasses and cane, all you need is a bald cap and greying locks to cement your place in the long line of Ebenezer actors!

What if you’re looking for a clever way to put an Ebenezer Scrooge outfit to use, though? We’ve got you!

Try a pop-culture approach. Bring together a surprising Schitt’s Creek group costume that has “a whole Ebenezer Scrooge thing happening.” You can even send your Scrooge-looking Johnny to give Cratchit David’s regards when you add any of our other men’s Victorian costumes to the one-of-a-kind ensemble. Of course, you can go a little more obvious with your twist on the classic by adding a duckbill to your order. Instead of Ebenezer Scrooge, become Scrooge McDuck! Just don’t forget a money bag accessory or two to really lean into the Disney character’s greedy side.

Ghost of Scrooges present not showing you what you wanted to see? Perhaps the ghost of costumes past or ghost of spirits spooky can help! Combine accessories and pieces of your favorite Scrooge ensemble with items from our historical costume or ghost costume selection to create a unique Ebenezer look. Or check back later to see what other festive finds we add to the catalog! Monster