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Cook up a delicious Halloween theme with a Ratatouille costume! Inspired by Disney's Ratatouille, our exclusive Ratatouille costumes bring the charming story to life for fans of all ages! Kids transform into Tiny Chef or a tiny chef with Remy and Linguini costumes fit just for them. But adults aren't left out of the fun! Pair up as Ratatouille's dynamic duo with your kiddo, friend, or the person you enjoy sharing the kitchen with most!
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Kids Disney and Pixar Remy Ratatouille Costume-update
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Adult Disney and Pixar Alfredo Linguini Ratatouill
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Plus Size Disney and Pixar Remy Ratatouille Costume-update
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Kid's Disney and Pixar Alfredo Linguini Ratatouill-update
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Ratatouille Light up Chef Hat
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Before Disney's Ratatouille hit the silver screen, the idea of welcoming a rat into our kitchens was unthinkable! However, after Remy and Alfredo Linguini showed us a bit of magic working hand-in-hand (or hair-in-paw?), we've all at least dreamed of experiencing the scenario. Because whether you enjoy cooking and fancy yourself a chef or prefer a microwave meal, a little genuine help in the kitchen is nothing to shoo-shoo.

And while we can't offer you the exact magic Remy and Linguini shared, we can offer you costumes that let you and yours play pretend as the dynamic Disney duo!

When you shop our Disney Ratatouille costume collection, you'll notice two things. First, you'll learn each costume is licensed and carries that familiar Disney logo on its picture and clothing tag. Second, you'll see each costume is exclusively Made By Us! As with all our in-house designs, these costumes boast quality materials and detailing to ensure you're getting something that's easy to love and for years to come!

Our Ratatouille Remy costumes come in sizes from 18-months to 4X, and each one promises to get you cozily wrapped up in the charms of the unlikely Michelin chef! Super-soft velour materials shape a hooded jumpsuit while fiber-fill sculpted and embroidered details, from eyes to tail, ensure the ensemble is fully recognizable. Meanwhile, a zippered front and included gloves and shoe covers keep the transformation easy!

Our Ratatouille Alfredo Linguini costumes come in the same range of sizes, a little nod to Gusteau's "anyone can cook!" On top of the inclusive sizing, the licensed costume comes with everything needed to look just like Linguini—including a wig and a light-up chef hat that reveals Remy pulling the strings! And from houndstooth pants to double-breasted coats, the costume is made from 100% polyester fabrics, so it can be enjoyed for countless dress-ups!

Assembling a Ratatouille costume DIY? Don't skip the magic! Add our Ratatouille chef hat, sold with or without the full Linguini costume! Then let the toque inspire more Ratatouille costume couple ideas and follow its glow to create perfect parent-kiddo, best friend, and unique couple's ensembles!

Whether your little one wants to be Tiny Chef with a Remy kid's costume or they just want to be a tiny chef in a Alfredo Linguini Ratatouille costume, we've got them covered. Then it's up to you to pick the opposite and bring the fun together! Do the same with a bestie or your S/O to keep the fun going past trick-or-treat. Just make sure you're happy in the kitchen together—or avoid actual cooking altogether. Either way, you'll be ready to serve a heaping helping of fun! Monster