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Radioactive Glowing Syringe

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Radioactive Glowing Syringe
Radioactive Glowing Syringe
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Product Information

Items Included
  • Plastic Syringe
  • Glow Stick
  • Plastic syringe is 14" long w/ clear barrel
  • Syringe plunger shaped like a skeletal torso
  • Insert activated glow stick into syringe barrel for radioactive effect

Have you been practicing your evil scientist laugh? You've tried the old favorite: Mwuhahaha. But it wasn’t really your style. Then you tried the Joker cackle: HAHAHAHAHAHA. But again, not really what you were looking for. You've experimented with Dr. Horrible's, quiet frankly terrible laugh: A-haa-aah-haa-ah. Just...please, don’t use that one.

Something even more frightening than an evil laugh is a syringe. Those things are just creepy looking. Come toward someone with this Radioactive Glowing Syringe, and they are sure to runaway screaming. Even the plunger looks evil, maybe because it is made of creepy skulls and bones. Just don’t actually stick any one with this syringe. We're not exactly sure what is in it. Maybe it's a glow stick like the specifications say, but maybe not. And, on second thought, this syringe my be so scary that you wont even need an evil laugh.

Size Chart
Standard Length 14" 36cm
Questions & Answers 

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    Five Stars
    By Current Customer | June 6, 2020
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    Doesn't Really Glow
    By Current Customer | January 2, 2016
    Nothing inside Syringe. Shows up empty. You have to put a glow stick inside. Which was supposed to be included. No glow stick came with mine. Nevertheless, that would only work one time. Cool looking, but just cheap plastic. Wouldn't hold liquid. You would have to make your own seal. Trying to figure what to fill it with. Glow in the dark or neon nail polish perhaps. There is also glow in the dark powder. Mix it with clear glue and paint the inside. Maybe some kids colored slime/goo, if you plan to display it.
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