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We have to tell the truth; we're glad you're checking out our selection of Pinocchio costumes! Whether you want to imitate the classic Disney character or you're a fan of the original story, we have a Pinocchio Halloween costume to suit your needs. Just be sure to keep an eye on your nose!
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What is your favorite fairy tale? With the way that stories can evolve over time, perhaps it might be more accurate to ask which version of a certain fable is your favorite! We think it's fun when fairy tales get retold and adapted over time, and Pinocchio is certainly no exception. The original story is almost 150 years old! Not only has it been published in hundreds of languages, but it also boasts over a dozen film adaptations.

But no matter the version or retelling, there's something about the story of Pinocchio that makes us feel young again. The little puppet's earnest desire to become a "real boy" and his struggles in learning how the world works are truly charming. Not to mention, the delightful animation and songs in many of the movies can't help but to make us feel cheerful!

Whether your first experience with Pinocchio's story was the Disney film or another adaptation, we think you'll agree that it's quite a whimsical tale. So, if you're going to don a costume or try a Pinocchio cosplay, you'll need an outfit that's just as whimsical! Fortunately, we have a great selection of Pinocchio costumes for adults and kids, where you're sure to find something to meet your needs.

Some of us are kids, and some of us qualify more as "kids at heart." But no matter your size, we'll have a brightly colored Pinocchio outfit for you! Our adult costumes come in plus sizes, and we also carry a style featuring a skirt for those who'd like to embrace the feminine side of fashion. Our kid's costumes are sure to please, and even your family dog can join in on the fun with a Pinocchio pet costume!

And of course, just like we love different versions of the story, we also love different versions of the costume! You'll be able to create your own Pinocchio cosplay with our selection of costume pieces and accessories. Add his signature feathered hat to your own outfit and accessorize however you like. Of course, the most important part is Pinocchio's growing nose, so make sure that you pick up a prosthetic to really seal the deal!

We think dressing up like Pinocchio is the perfect way to recapture some of the magic of childhood. Even if you're all grown up, you can play the character and retell the story in your own way. Make it part of a group costume, or if you're flying solo, make sure to check out all of our accessory options to really customize your outfit.

After all, there's really nothing more magical than feeling comfortable and confident in your Halloween costume! Just make sure to always tell the truth, or at the very least, watch your nose closely! Monster