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Inflatable costumes are funny. But an inflatable costume that picks you up? Hilarious! So, if you're looking for a Halloween costume that'll leave everyone in stitches, our pick-me-up costume collection has you covered! Shop out-of-this-world styles from alien to grim reaper pick-me-ups. Explore a range of scary to kid-friendly, including Santa, zombies, and presidents. And get ready for a costume experience unlike any other!
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Kid's Cop Pick Me Up Costume
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Child Inflatable Jet Pack Pick Me Up Costume
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Halloween may have originally been about dressing and behaving as frighteningly as possible to scare even the devil himself. But nowadays, it's about having a good time! And that means humor is very welcome amongst the graveyard decorations, haunted houses, and gruesome masks. But ensuring the joke isn't overshadowed by towering terrors and even sparkling fairies can be tricky. It may leave you needing a boost. Pick-me-up costumes are exactly that!

Raise the hilarity of your Halloween wit with our selection of pick-me-up costumes! Here you'll find everything from kid's pick-me-up jetpack costumes to adult humor options that'll score the eye-rolls you were hoping to see!

Go spooky silly with one of the most popular pick-me-up costume options: alien abduction! Instead of a UFO beaming believers into the sky, this inflatable pick-me-up style puts people directly in the arms of an alien! Designed to look like a large Little Green Man carrying a human away from whatever activity they were enjoying, you or yours are sure to have an out-of-this-world time!

Skip the aliens and still enjoy a far-out experience with jetpack pick-me-up costumes! Available in sizes for kids and adults, this clever option is a daydream come true. Honestly, we've all thought about strapping on the fire-powered backpack and soaring through the neighborhood. And while a pick-me-up jetpack won't really achieve liftoff, the illusion it creates is a blast to behold!

And if you really want to lift spirits, we recommend calling on the grim reaper! Weave a tale of a soul that went easy or kicking and screaming with a character performance to give the costume life! With boney hands wrapped around an inflatable body on its front, whether you're acting vivacious, horror-stricken, or sleepy, the reaper will carry you through any event!

Maybe Halloween isn't the occasion you're working with. Bring some holiday hilarity to stir up family gatherings when you choose a Santa pick-me-up costume! You'll look like a gift Santa's delivering to the party or maybe one that he needs to fix up back in his shop. Either way, the jokes are sure to spread plenty of holiday cheer!

From supportive police leading prisoners back to their cells and friendly Bavarian gentlemen helping their Oktoberfest companions see over the crowd to ambitious kids taking on their first sumo match and zombie hunters meeting their match, our pick-me-up costume selection is here to bring the spookies, sillies, and surprises! Shop today for a standout Halloween costume that's a surefire way to give you and yours a lift!

And be sure to check out our ride-on costumes to discover styles similar to pick-me-up but ready to take your sense of humor to even greater heights! How To

Pick Me Up Halloween Costumes

Pick Me Up Costumes

Pick Me Up costumes are the newest innovation in blow-up costumes. And they are just flat-out hilarious! As inflatable costumes that leave only your head and hands exposed, they create the appearance that you're being carried by a super-sized character. And with several creative designs available for purchase, getting into a Pick Me Up inflatable costume is a great idea to express your personality.

Are you a paranormal believer? Try the Pick Me Up Inflatable Alien Costume to recreate a close encounter of the 3rd kind. The Sumo Wrestler Costume will make it look like you're in a Sumo showdown, while the Cop Pick Me Up Costume makes it look like you're a prisoner who has bungled the big escape. And for an outfit that really blasts off, just choose the Inflatable Jet Pack Pick Me Up Costume! Monster