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Orange Wigs

Orange is one feisty color, isn't it? According to some cultures, it symbolizes happiness, enthusiasm, creativity, and determination... and we can definitely see why! We get a vibrant, warm feeling inside just seeing the lively color. It also happens to be one of the major colors of Halloween, so we definitely have to rank it close to the top of our list of favorite colors. That's also the reason why really these orange wigs.

Some of our favorite characters are sporting some orange hair! Chuckie Finster, from the Rugrats had some great orange hair as did our girl, Misty, from Pokemon. Kim Possible is another great orange-haired hero and let us not forget about Leeloo from Fifth Element. Pop culture is filled with a number of fiery-haired characters and we all just want to be like them!

Sure, a few lucky redheads out there are blessed with naturally vivid orange, but the rest of us would never be able to get that glowing look without one of these orange wigs. We carry styles for men and women, and we also carry styles for children as well!

Of course, we certainly carry some more natural looking orange wigs that fall closer to the auburn spectrum, but we also have great character wigs that fall into the brighter and even neon color range. We have Mad Hatter wigs based on the iconic Alice in Wonderland live action films and we also have orange clown wigs that will have you looking a little more like Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Most of them are simple to use and come with elastic mesh on the interior to help with fitting!

So, if you're looking for a simple way to help you cosplay as your favorite character, then one of our orange wigs makes for the perfect addition to any costume.