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Moose Costumes

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Do you dream of having hooves and antlers? Let your fantasies become realities with a moose costume! We have moose costumes for adults as well as kids and toddler moose costumes so that the whole family can join the fun. We think you simply “moose” try one of these costumes!
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Moose Ears & Antlers Headband update
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Moose Plush Headband
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Superlite Moose Antlers
Adult Mighty Moose Costume
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Moose Hat
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Out of all the mighty wild animals that reside in the woods, you'll be the mightiest when you dress up as a moose. In fact, every member of the family can be a furry, antlered, forest beast with our wide selection of moose costumes. We have costumes for toddlers, kids, and adults so moose fans of all ages can dress up as their favorite animal. Fans of Rocky and Bullwinkle will love sporting a costume or character hat in order to look like the most gullible cartoon moose ever. Kids will be cute and comfy in a plush moose jumpsuit. You'll love turning your whole family into a herd of wild moose!