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"Order in the court! Order in the court! There is a very important announcement from the judge. Would you all please rise?" Wouldn't it be nice to have people address you as 'your honor?' Wouldn't it be nice to be in charge of an entire courtroom? It will be quite hard to fight a power trip when you walk into a room and everyone has to stand up. Well, Halloween is the one day you get to take advantage of this, so you might as well! Don't let all the authority go to your head and start sending people to jail though, because then the jig will be up. 

Now YOU can rule the court room when you wear one of these judge costumes. It won't make you a judge, legally but it will make you look just like one, which is the next best thing, especially on Halloween! Create your own judge costume or supreme court justice costume with our judge robes, gavel, and judge wig. We have everything you need to become an honorable judge at your next party. You'll definitely have order in the court! Who knows, maybe you'll be the next judge to have your own TV show?