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Turning water into wine, walking on water, making five loaves and two fish feed 5,000 people... Do you think you'd be good at acting out some of our favorite miracles? You'll find the perfect Jesus costume in our collection! Whether you're looking for a Jesus outfit for a living Stations of the Cross or a Halloween party, you'll have a couple of biblical looks to choose from. Scroll on through to find the Jesus costume that's right for you!
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If you're looking for costumes for church festivals and ceremonies, a high-quality Jesus costume is an important part of wardrobing. The right Jesus outfit can be lent out to people for many years to come. A Made By Us Jesus Christ costume is sure to stand out in dramatic church lighting. The red sash over the draping robe would look timeless in candlelight. You could either choose an actor that already has a beard and long hair or add one of our Jesus wig and beard sets to make sure that the chosen parishioner looks the part. Middle school and grade-schoolers don't have to be left out either. We have Jesus costumes that fit kids in a range of sizes.

These Jesus costumes can be brought out for a living Stations of the Cross or for youth group skits. You might also want to look into Jesus and Mary costumes that match to provide for everyone in your holiday drama on Ash Wednesday. And for Easter, you could bring the story of doubting Thomas to life and pair the same Jesus Christ costume with wounds on the hands, feet, and side. Red felt could be used to add a symbolic bloodstain without staining the robe. Whether you're acting out the parables or any of the epic stories from the New Testament, you'll find all sorts of reasons to use any Jesus costumes that your church might invest in! And if your cast is changing with the members of your youth or drama group, you'll be glad to discover that all of our Jesus Christ costumes are flexible when it comes to size. Those robes sure are handy!

Now, church groups are not the only ones who might be interested in Jesus costumes. A Jesus Halloween costume might not seem like an obvious choice but plenty of people have had a lot of fun wearing a Jesus outfit on Halloween night. The opportunity to make jokes about turning water into wine and bless folks that seem to be misbehaving is just too much fun!

Jesus Halloween costumes have a lot of dress-up potential. When Halloween is over, you can keep your Jesus costume for all sorts of occasions. You could break out your robe and sandals on a trip to the beach and use a floating water mat to make it look like you're walking on water. What a photoshoot that would be! Or you could take the costume to events like Mardi Gras parades. We can't imagine a more fitting look than a Jesus outfit to celebrate the holiday of Fat Tuesday. Just picture your Jesus robe draped in colorful Mardi Gras beads! You can even take it further. If you don't want to go alone, recruit friends to bring along. You'd just need Jesus disciples costumes to make an impact that no one would soon forget!

Whatever occasion you're shopping for, you'll find that our Jesus costumes are comfortable and look like they're straight out of the New Testament. They're sure to get you into character. Just don't get carried away. You still don't have the power to turn water into wine! Monster