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Holiday Accessories (Page 3)

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With your holiday outfit cleaned, hung, and ready for the day you finally get to wear it, there’s only one thing left to do. Accessorize! Polish your Purim apparel or crisp up your Christmas costume with our collection of holiday accessories. You’ll find everything from full facial hair and wigs to festive tights and props to bring every celebratory ensemble together!
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Beer Mug Purse
Sale - 13% Made By Us Exclusive

Beer Mug Purse

Rainbow Clown Wig
Sale - 17%
Mardi Gras Robe and Crown Set
Sale - 40%
Child Angel Costume Wings
Mister Grinch Glasses1

Mister Grinch Glasses

Day of the Dead Adult Sombrero
Made By Us Exclusive
80's Women's Jewelry Set
Made By Us Exclusive

80s Women's Jewelry Set

Sequin Flapper Purse
Sale - 44%
Skeleton Leggings for Women
Da Vinci Wig

Da Vinci Wig for Men

24" Long Straight Pink Wig
Best Man Bachelor Baseball Hat
Sale - 63%
Glitter Bride Headband
Sale - 70%
Green Mermaid Leggings2
Sale - 33%
Pink Cummerbund
Sale - 90% Made By Us Exclusive

Pink Cummerbund

Bridesmaid Glitter Headband
Sale - 70%
Roasted Turkey Hat
Groomsman Bachelor Baseball Hat
Sale - 13%
Rainbow Organza Tutu
Sale - 25%
Purple Tutu
Sale - 10%
Yellow Tutu
Sale - 10%

Yellow Tutu

Pack of 5 Purple Glowsticks - 8"
Sale - 25%
Deluxe Feather Mardi Gras Mask
Sale - 47%
Bride to be Garter
Sale - 40%