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Halloween Bathroom Decor

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If you want to scare the poo out of someone, it's safest to do so in the loo with Halloween bathroom décor. And our selection is here to help you turn your toilet into a throne of terror! Shop everything from a Halloween shower curtain to a bloody mirror sticker sheet that'll ensure a scary bathroom. Or let bathroom door decorations inspire a load of new Halloween bathroom ideas!
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When you're thinking about how to decorate for Halloween, chances are your mind sticks around the front of the house. The yard, entryway, and maybe even the living room or kitchen. But the bathroom probably takes a back seat. Whether that's true for you or not, you've come to the right place!

Our selection of bathroom Halloween décor is a source of Halloween decorating ideas that can't be overlooked, and that promises to get your space fully dressed for the spooky season!

What use would scary bathroom décor serve other than a seamless look between the haunted cemetery on your lawn and every wall of your cozy home? Let us tell you, starting with something approachable to all new or familiar Halloween bathroom decorators: bathroom door ideas!

Our available bathroom door decorations are an excellent addition to your Halloween party planning for one thing. Imagine enjoying a house full of costumed guests without being interrupted with questions about where someone can discard their waste. Avoid the nightmare alternative by hanging a mummy, witch, or skeleton using the toilet on your bathroom entry!

For Halloween door décor that's a little less potty humor, try a tattered cloth! These simple decorations are great for any door in a space and even promise to add some spooky vibes to your window curtains if desired!

Speaking of curtains…

Bring the Halloween frights from the doorway into the bathroom with Halloween shower curtains! A scary shower curtain immediately adds a chilling look to a pristine room. Of course, hanging a horror shower curtain doesn't need to be where the fun ends! Turn attention from the shower to the sink with mirror clings that promise to get people moving quickly through the bathroom.

While our available bloody hand prints, splatters, and drips look perfectly garish on bathroom mirrors, they also let Halloween decorators add a gore-geous look to windows throughout their space! Add them to the sitting room, kitchen-turned-haunted-butcher-shop, or any screen at home or work!

Need some kid-friendly Halloween bathroom ideas? Try Halloween rubber ducks and mystery bath bombs that add a bit of trick-or-treat fun to every wash! Or swap out regular bathroom staples like hand mirrors and flower vases with our Halloween-themed options.

From Halloween party planning to practical jokes that'll scare the poo out of your pals, our Halloween bathroom décor is here to help! Didn't find the toilet seat cover or counter accessory you were hoping for? Check back again soon to discover what new frights we're adding to the collection! We're sure you'll find what you need to turn any loo into a haunting room! Monster