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Wigging out over how to get your hair looking right for Halloween? Don’t! If your natural locks don’t cut it, but a full wig isn’t the answer, give our selection of hair extensions a try. With clip-in and pony-tie options in styles from rainbow-colored waves to lime green curly-Qs, you’re sure to discover the unique hair extensions your costume craves. Comb through our Halloween hair extensions to snag your tangle-free costume solution today!
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Frozen 2 BFF Anna & Elsa 2pk Faux Hair
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There are some things your hair just won’t let you do. And even more, things you refuse to do. However, you never let a costume come together without giving it your all. That, of course, means you have to find solutions to make Rapunzel lengths happen and fluorescent colors blossom. While wigs can accomplish that quickly, and your collection is the most voluminous, a complete hair transformation isn’t always necessary. That’s where hair extensions come into play! From colored hair extensions to natural-looking hair extensions, our selection is here to get your extensive collection started.

Still not convinced? The following review of our selection is sure to help the idea grow on you! But first things first. Do you know the character you’re bringing to life? Maybe you’re creating a one-of-a-kind mage, mermaid, or monster. Either way, this little guide should provide a few strands of inspiration.

Let’s imagine you’re becoming that mermaid mentioned above. Pulling them out of the depths of the ocean doesn’t require a magical hairstyle, but it can turn Ariel into an original with little effort. Layer fiery red clip-in extensions under your own luscious locks for a twist on an iconic look. Or try a set of beachy waves with color to spare. Whether you go with pastel rainbow extensions, silvery blue, or something darker, you’ll be putting on a masterclass in mermaid mimicry.

Of course, any set of free-hanging extensions can be utilized in a variety of costume combos. But what if you’re looking for a different hairstyle for your new do? There’s always the option of picking out a set of extensions that are heat-styleable, washable, and perfect for reuse. However, there’s also the possibility that you don’t know how to accomplish the ringlets, Cher-straight curtains, or Arianna-like high pony. And that’s okay because our selection includes options that come pre-styled!

Would your costume benefit from adorable springy curls? Clip those bad boys in and leave the heat tools where they are. Our curly hair extensions can add bounce to your pigtails, posh pony, or shoulder-length bob.

Need that popstar ponytail to rise a little taller and stretch a little further down your back? Grab a ponytail clip hair extension! Our natural colored options are sure to add a level to your costume’s sophistication and may just become your new favorite everyday accessory.

But what about something more unique or even simpler? We’ve got you! Make your voodoo priestess pop with clip-in dreadlocks. Or perfect your princess’ plait with already braided options. With options for subtle changes or temporary transformations, you’re sure to discover a hair extension set that’s just your style. And if you’re still looking for the do you need, check back again to see what exciting additions we have in the works! Monster