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Get your Halloween costume ready to gogo when you shop for retro gogo boots! Whether you’ve got the perfect disco ensemble lined up or you’re looking for gogo boots costume inspiration, these shiny patent leather shoes have you covered! Choose between white gogo boots, black gogo boots, or something full of color in our selection of children’s and women’s gogo boots!
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Adult Women's White Gogo Boots
Girls White Go Go Boots Update1
Women's Fushsia Gogo Boots
Red Gogo Boots for Women
Blue Gogo Boots
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Womens Black Gogo Boots Update Main
Women's Green Gogo Boots
Deluxe Silver Gogo Boots Single UPD
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Patent White Platform Gogo Boots Single UPD
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Women's Black Wide Width Gogo Boots
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Girls Red Gogo Boots
Girls Black Gogo Boots
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Toddler White Gogo Boots
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Gogo Rainbow Boots for Girls

If you look up gogo boots on the internet, you’ll discover, in short, that their name is derived from French phrases meaning both joy and abundance. You’ll also learn that go was 1960s slang for something that was all the rage. So, basically, gogo boots are popular shoes that should bring a wearer a whole lot of happiness! Should anyone ask us, we’d say that’s especially true when paired with a Halloween gogo costume!

Make your next costumed event abundantly joyful with help from our selection of gogo costume boots! Not sure which color suits your gogo boots outfit best? Stick with just us for a few ideas on how to put those orange, white, or silver gogo boots to use!

The most common reason you’d find yourself here is to complete a gogo dancer costume. But while we’ve got a few standard white gogo boot options to make that look happen, there’s plenty to do with our other available gogo boot colors!

For a 1960s gogo dancer ensemble, you’ve got simple bright white, chunky-heeled, white patent leather with a black sole. It looks crisp, clean, and even on-trend. You’ve seen the black and white ankle booties outfits on social media—our costume gogo boots just take it to new heights. Literally. All our gogo boots, even for toddlers and kids, reach to mid-calf as the original styles would. If you’re looking for a different costume idea, though, try a pair of polka-dot boots, silver, or even rainbow! While white would look fabulous with a 1970s disco getup, a flashy rainbow stripe or metallic finish would suit that style even better! Just imagine those neon polka-dots under the sparkle of a disco ball!

But what about a pair of black gogo boots? Mrs. Claus will look fashion-forward with the shine of our shoes on her toes! And with a faux fur lined option available, that Christmas-y ensemble doesn’t need to forgo its classic vibes!

We bet you saw those red and orange boots, too, though! They’re as hard to miss as our lime green pair and just as fun to build a costume around! Think superhero, wrestler, or clown! The sleek shape of a gogo boot makes any of those playful costume options look as stylish as you’d like—social media perfection even! Let our sky blue pair inspire new characters, maybe a water-type fairy with a flair for fashion. Or try a shocking pink gogo boot for your bold power suit! Those knee-high black boots would look expertly paired with a catsuit—can you say villain chic?

Whether you’re sticking to the classic uses of a gogo boot or dreaming up new styles to step in, our selection of costume gogo boots is sure to bring your look to life! Monster