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Giant Skeleton Decorations

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Make no bones about it, a giant skeleton decoration is something everyone digs! Whether you're planning a skeleton yard display or looking for a spooky fellow to occupy the rocking chair in your living room this Halloween, our giant skeleton collection can help. Find everything from realistic 6 ft posable skeletons to towering inflatable terrors when you shop with us!
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When it comes to Halloween decorations, giant skeletons are outstanding in their field. Sometimes, literally! After all, when you're 8-feet-tall and filled with air, it's probably easier to live outside than under a roof. But we digress.

What we really want to say is that you can't go wrong with giant or even just life-size skeleton decorations! They're a spooky twist on a classic Halloween character and our selection of skeleton decorations has a pile of good bones to choose from!

Not sure what to dig up for your display? Stick with us. The following guide takes a quick tour through our collection and is sure to help you put together a perfectly festive fright for the neighborhood and household!

Before we take a look at our most giant Halloween skeleton, let's start with some fellows we think anyone can feel comfortable approaching! Shopping this selection you'll see we have a number of life-size skeletons that stand between 5 and 6 feet tall. You'll find these posable skeletons make versatile pieces that easily bring your skeleton decoration ideas alive!

Set your favorite of the bunch in a lawn chair on the porch to send that Summer sun a message… you've been waiting for what seems forever for Halloween to arrive. Or grab an animated posable skeleton for the haunted house party you're throwing in October. Sat on a couch or posed in the corner like a wallflower, these jabber-jawed, and glowing-eyed skellies are sure to liven things up.

For everyone ready for something a little bigger, these next ideas are for you! As far as giant skeleton Halloween decoration goes, our exclusive inflatable 8-foot friend is a must! While not as imposing as those 12-foot huge skeleton decorations, we think this fellow is still the top! Easy to handle and definitely taller than your average human, the large skeleton decoration is sure to impress the neighborhood.

Choose our posable 7-foot skeleton for something a bit more realistic but just as uncanny valley as something bigger! It looks like an average human skeleton, but why is it so big!? Wherever these titans rest, hang or stand, they're going to shine!

Not feeling the delight of these oversized skeletons? Give our full outdoor decoration selection a look! We've got other giant Halloween decorations waiting to make a huge statement in your yard or high-ceiling entryway. And we're always looking to expand our selections to make your Halloween experience the very best. So check back with our giant skellies to see what lively options are waiting for you then!

Animated, inflatable, or posable skeleton life-size, giant, or otherwise, we can't wait to see how you put our selection to use!