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Fisherman Costumes

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Don't flounder deciding on a Halloween costume this year! It's easy with epic fisherman Halloween costumes! Whether you want to dress up as a brave, ocean-faring fisherman in a yellow raincoat or you're more of a fly fisherman type, you're sure to love these looks! Just don't forget to accessorize with a pipe for storytelling effect or a fish you can pull out to make your halloween pics complete!
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Fisherman Costume for Men
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Child Fish Costume
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Child Fish Costume

Adult Fish Costume
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Adult Fish Costume

Tall Black Costume Boots

Tall Black Costume Boots for Men

Men's Fisherman Kit Costume
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Seaweed Boa
Rubber Fish Prop

Rubber Fish Prop

Corn Cob Pipe update
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Corn Cob Pipe Accessory

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Child Fisherman Costume
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Child Fisherman Costume


Water pounds the rocky shores from above and below, the waves crashing against the shore and the rain pounding from the sky. The sea is angry today, no place for the fishing boats that usually bob on the horizon, trolling for halibut and herring. Naw, all the fishermen are in that little stone building over in town, the lights are glowing behind the thick glass of the window. The fishermen, in their striped shirts and cable knit sweaters, gather around a cozy glowing fire. Here you'll hear stories of dangerous waters, leaky boats, and fish that get bigger and bigger with each retelling of the tale. With stories this good, you just might want to bring a little of this fisherman character back home with you! 

What is your fisherman persona? Are you the type who climbs mountain trails, rod in hand, ready to find the perfect mountain stream in which to catch pristine trout? Or are you weather-worn and weary, the type who spends most of his time repairing nets as he tells the tale of the big one that got away? Either way, we've got the costumes for you. 

Take our fisherman kit, for instance! The vest and hat will make you look like the type of fella that has a "gone fishing" sign at the ready for any moment he might have to dodge out of work on a gorgeous Friday in the summertime. You'll instantly gain a laid back persona that'll make you take everything easy. Pair this ensemble with the fish beverage cooler and your look is complete. Are you a parent? Make this fishing trip complete with the Future fisherman costume!

Then again, maybe you're a little more dangerous than the casual angler. Our fisherman costumes with yellow slickers and"sou'wester" hats bring professional oceanic fisherman to mind. Throw on one of our exclusive fisherman costumes on and you can almost picture your fleet waiting for you out in the harbor. These ensembles work well for group costumes as well as there is a range of sizes as well as fishermen costumes for kids. You can even have someone in your party dress as a fish... or better yet a shark to complete a cast worthy for a refilming of Jaws!

Even if you haven't spent much time swapping stories in a salt-weathered fishing port, no one needs to know! All you have to do is down some pickled herring, pinch your cheeks until they look pink from the howling wind and throw your fisherman beard over your ears and you'll start coming up with fishing stories in no time!

Yes, that tuna you caught was as big as a Mini Cooper! They don't believe you? Then why do you have a tuna fish sandwich for lunch every Friday? It's cause you have been eating the same fish for years now! Yes, any fishing story can be backed up if you have the right look! Just remember to accessorize, then if you paint yourself into a corner you can always throw your pipe in your mouth and gaze at the horizon. People are sure to assume you're simply thinking on the one that got away!