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Dragon Halloween Decorations

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Legends tell of the most mystical of creatures: the dragon. Many have spent their lives hoping to get a single view of the majestic beasts... but there is an easier way. All you need to do is choose from our collection of Dragon Decorations and you'll have all the treasure of a dragon hoard! From full-size inflatable dragon decorations to adorable knick-knacks you can place on your desk, be sure you are always near the dragon of your dreams!
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7" Dragon Skeleton Halloween Decoration Update 1
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7ft Animated Winter Forest Dragon-0
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Ember the Red Dragon Trophy
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Dragons are completely entwined in our mythological history. No matter where you go, there are stories of dragons out there! Sure, each culture has a different interpretation on how they might appear, but when you gather enough of them together, it's a magical experience either way!

There is some debate about where they might have come from. Marvel Comics offers up the idea that they come from another planet or a different dimension filled with magical energy. Merlin and other wizards speak of realms from where our dragon friends have visited since ancient days.

Still, others can't help but notice the similarities dragons share with dinosaurs. Could this be a grand evolution that has been in the works for millions of years!? While we might not have the answer on their draconic origins, we can bring you all the joy of their powerful forms with this collection of Dragon Decor!

Let's talk about dragon desk decorations. Whenever you sit down to get some work done, wouldn't it be helpful to have the wisdom of an ancient spirit looking over you!? From magical dragon claws holding orbs of energy to lamps that glow from dragon fire, dragons can make surprisingly helpful desk companions!

Then again, perhaps you're trying to upgrade your gaming room with something that sets the tone. Ensure all of your D&D games start off right when you have some dragon wall decorations. When you place your trophy of Ember the Dragon King over your mantle, all will know that your heroes have traveled near and far for epic treasures and tales!

Of course, if you're looking for something a little more impressive, look no further than our standing dragon decorations. Go epic and bring your Lord of the Rings fantasies to life with an animated dragon that will give any wandering hobbit a reason to think twice about burgling your den!

If that's a little scarier than you have in mind, try one of our inflatable dragon decorations instead. They are printed on vinyl, making them gorgeously detailed, whether they are authentic-looking dragons or cartoonish versions. You'll even find a few skeleton dragon decorations to really make your bones tingle!

With all those dragons at the ready, isn't it time to find the perfect companion for your home? Pick out your favorites with no fear of fire. (Still, it might be a good idea to offer up a gold coin or two every so often to keep the beast at bay!)