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Kids Mini Grey Suit Costume Main Update
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Infant Evil Gray Suit Costume
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Toddler Gray Suit Costume-update1
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Child Deluxe Dr. Evil Costume
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“Why make trillions when we can make billions?” Dr. Evil discovered upon being unfrozen from a 30 year nap that being a bad guy from the past isn't easy. The game just isn't played the same way these days. Plus, it is nearly impossible to get your hands on a tank of sharks with laser beams on their heads.

When you put on an evil gray suit and take a look in the mirror, remember the odds you face. Then put your pinkie finger up to the corner of your mouth and practice demanding 100 billion dollars from foreign governments. No, not a million dollars... that's no longer a sufficiently evil demand. We know, it's a lot to remember. Maybe get yourself a sidekick, a “Mini Me” if you will, to help you keep it all straight. Monster