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When you want a unique costume for Halloween, consider one of our doll costumes for a look that won't be soon forgotten! With iconic rag doll costumes, scary doll costumes from your favorite horror movies, and even voodoo doll costumes that are a great bet for frightening fun, we feature every kind of doll costume you can imagine. Shop them all right here to see the top choices!
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Tumbling Clown Doll Animatronic
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Distressed Doll Succulent
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Haunted Angel Doll
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Hanging Light Girl Doll-update
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16 Inch Hanging Skeleton Doll
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Bag of Doll Parts
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When you want to freak out your friends there's no better way to go than a good old fashioned creepy doll costume. That's probably not fair to ALL doll costumes... they're not all creepy, but many are and they're intended to be that way! We promise. Our selection is just that broad, where you can find something cute and sweet like a ragdoll, as well as something on the totally opposite end of the scary spectrum like our voodoo styles and marionettes. So if you're in the market for toys that come to life this Halloween... then you've come to the right place!