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Of 14 million possibilities, this is the one you are destined to make. Don't believe us? Check it out with your Eye of Agamotto, available in our selection of Doctor Strange costumes! With everything from a premium Doctor Strange Halloween costume to a standalone Doctor Strange Cloak, we're sure you'll find what you need to bring your vision to life!
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Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Adult Doctor
Sale - 9%
Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Child Doctor
Sale - 25%
Doctor Strange Strange Spell Blaster
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Doctor Strange 2 Mystic Strange Black Hat
Clearance  - 67%
Doctor Strange Eco Cloak

Do you dream of Kamar-Taj? Becoming a Master of the Mystic Arts? Rocking the Cloak of Levitation with as much poise as Dr Stephan Strange? Then our Dr Strange costume selection is here for you! With everything from elaborate costume accessories like the Eye of Agamotto to simple gifts like a Marvel dog collar, we have Doctor Strange outfit and costume ideas for every fan! Continue reading for a quick guide on what lies inside our selection. See what inspiring pieces lift your spirit from Earth-616 to the Mirror Dimension, where you'll love seeing every side of your incredible new look!

First things first. Where on the Doctor Strange timeline are you picturing? If you're at the very beginning, pre-mystic powers, we suggest hopping into our costume suits or doctor costume selections. You'll find sharp uniforms and threads befitting the suave wizard there. However, you're probably ready to dive head-first into the magic. That might be as zombie Strange from the What If…? animated series. Or perhaps, casual Strange with his coffee mug—a character we wouldn't be surprised to see wearing the baseball cap available in this selection. Most likely, you want to dress as the good doctor at his best with an Eye of Agamotto prop and Cloak of Levitation. We've got what you need to make the zombie doctor costume or Dr Strange Halloween costume precisely what you need!

Choose a Doctor Strange tunic for a versatile look. A touch of zombie makeup, and you're ready to terrify trick-or-treaters or Scarlet Witch. Add our available cloak, and your costume is ready to fly with little effort. Or go for the cosplay quality look with an authentic Doctor Strange costume that comes with everything but the actual magic. Though, you can supplement even that with available Doctor Strange spell blaster props!

Already have your costume needs covered? Celebrate your favorite Marvel hero a little louder with a Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto that is both collectible and wearable! Made your own Dr Strange Eye of Agamotto? (Look at you, clever cosplayer!) See things a little different with a Marvel cat collar to compliment your Halloween ensemble—sitting at home to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters is a bit more festive when the pets are involved.

Really, long story short, for the Doctor Strange basics, we've got you covered! And while we may not have foresight as brilliant as the Ancient One, we know the fun of this selection has only just begun! So, if you're not finding what you need today, check back again to discover the mystic relics and costumes that'll have you and yours feeling ready for Kamar-Taj and the entire Multiverse! Monster