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Caterpillar Costumes

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Looking to surprise this Halloween? Try a caterpillar costume and transform expectations! Plan ahead with a kid’s caterpillar costume—dressed as a caterpillar now, your child will be ready for butterfly wings next! Impress with your cool looks and sage advice in an Alice in Wonderland caterpillar costume. Or complete your lepidopterist outfit with a caterpillar dog costume that shows your pup is the finest specimen around!
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Adult's Blue Caterpillar Costume - update
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Adult Green Caterpillar Costume
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Kids Caterpillar Costume
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Adult's Plus Size Caterpillar Costume
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Child Green Caterpillar Costume
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Caterpillar Plush Hood
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Child White Gloves
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Mens Fancy White Gloves
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What has six arms, six legs, and blue all over? This unique and interesting adult Caterpillar costume. In Alice and Wonderland, the Caterpillar was a difficult questioner, leaving poor Alice flustered and confused. In this Caterpillar costume, however, there will be no question that you will be the hit of the party. Monster