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Complete your kitty costume with the purrfect cat makeup when you shop our selection of cat face makeup! Shop everything from base paints to temporary Cheshire cat mouth tattoos available here! Whether you're looking for simple cat makeup or an elaborate wild cat design that involves a tiger stripes stencil and prosthetic nose, we can help bring your cat makeup ideas to life!
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Cats are flat-out popular. From internet entertainment to Halloween costumes, you can't miss the fluffy critters and we're here for it! As, we assume, you are. After all, you are shopping our Halloween cat makeup selection for what we would bet is going to be a purrfect feline fashion statement.

However, if you're reading this brief guide, we also feel safe in assuming you're looking for easy cat makeup solutions or cat makeup ideas to provide your ensemble at least one cat life. In which case, we've got your back! So, follow along! The following overview is sure to inspire your intricate spotted leopard transformation, stunning Cheshire cat makeup, or even hyper-realistic makeups that might just convince your clever house cat!

For quick and easy kitty cat makeup designs, you can't go wrong with a simple set of base paints and crayons or one of our available cat kits! All you need to do for these simpler styles is give yourself a kitty nose and whiskers, so a black cream makeup or crayon should do the trick. Not to mention, this option promises to be friendly for all makeup skill levels and fuss-free if working with squirmy kiddos.

Take simple to the next cat-tree level with prosthetic noses or false eyelashes that'll quickly enhance your cat-eye makeup. Our selection of prosthetics are typically user friendly and come with everything you need to get that wiggly snout in place. Meanwhile, our available lashes come in a variety of lengths and styles that you'll love so much you'll find non-feline reasons to use them!

Thinking a more elaborate makeup style is what you need? We've got a few options that make it easy to become a wild tiger, leopard, or enchanting Cheshire cat. You'll simply need to choose between makeup or tattoo application. Or a combination!

For a free-form tiger makeup or leopard makeup you'll want your preferred base creams and powders to start. If you're not one to trust free-handing the spots and stripes of your wild cat choice, you'll want to grab a tiger stripes or leopard spots stencil next! We've got both on hand and they're ready to make your leopard or tiger face makeup easier!

For even quicker application, consider our available temporary face tattoos! With their design already set and instructions included with your purchase, these makeup options handle all the heavy lifting, especially if you're thinking about dressing as that wily Cheshire cat for Halloween!

Our Cheshire cat makeup options include mouth tattoos that'll print the wonderous feline's sharp smile right over yours. Pick up the kit that comes with cream makeups to nail a unique eye makeup or get creative with our full selection of creams and bases to style your very own cateyes and stripes!

From kid-friendly to advanced cat makeup ideas, our selection is a great place to start! Discover the unique feline makeup accessories and supplies available here or take your wild idea into our full range of Halloween makeup to get everything you need for 1, 2, or even a coveted 9 cat li… er… applications!