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Some folks like to go big for Halloween. Other folks like to go all-out. And then there is Brick Thunder! With a vast following eager to get a look at the astounding Haunted House and Halloween decoration display, complete with the very best Halloween animatronics out there, Brick Thunder has used that expertise to design decorations, too! Check out our collection of Brick Thunder Animatronics to make your setup truly top-notch.
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Candy Cain Horror Animatronic Decoration
Made By Us Exclusive
Drop-Down Clown Door Animatronic Decoration new
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If you love the Halloween scene, you might have been thinking about how you can create the ultimate decoration setup for next October. That may have led you to Brick Thunder's YouTube and Instagram feeds! Since 2015, Brick Thunder has gathered over 20 million views on YouTube and ongoing interaction thanks to detailed unboxing videos, Halloween reviews, demos of animatronics, and tours of the amazing annual Halloween setup!

The Candy Cain Horror Animatronic combines the sweet treats of holiday fun with the creepy captivation that only a killer clown can bring. Be sure to grab this festive and freaky design before it snatches you with its pair of moving cane arms! And if you want to give folks a real scare when they start your Haunted House, there is no better way than with the Drop Down Clown entry sign. Step right up to fun—and jump scares!

Claim some of the most unique animatronic decorations out there and celebrate the best holiday, Brick Thunder style! How To X Brick Thunder Collab

Whether you've watched the videos and learned how to put together some of our other animatronics or are simply looking for additional inspiration for your next display, you'll want to take a look at these new-and-exclusive animatronic decorations. Designed by the inspired mind of Brick Thunder and produced with our own Made By Us team, these scary animatronics are truly one-of-a-kind ideas!

Candy Cain Animatronic Unboxing

In this exciting YouTube video, Brick Thunder unboxes and sets up a scary Candy Cain animatronic that he designed in a collab with! Get a close-up look at the intricate movements and features of this animatronic as Brick Thunder demonstrates its capabilities. Get ready to be amazed by the magical mix of cool gadgets and fun surprises in this super exciting unboxing video!

Drop-Down Clowns Door Decoration Unboxing

Get ready for an incredible unboxing adventure as we unveil the amazing Drop-Down Clowns Door Decoration! Watch in awe as these playful and colorful clowns drop down from the door, bringing chills to everyone who sees them. This petrifying door decoration will turn any space into a nightmare-inducing circus of fright. Get ready to be scared out of your wits in this thrilling unboxing video of the Scary Drop-Down Clowns Door Decoration! Monster