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Bob Ross is one chill dude. He can turn a few strokes of paint into a beautiful landscape. Now, you can try your hand at painting when you use some of our great costumes and accessories for your own Bob Ross costume! We carry plenty of kits and outfits inspired by his classic paintings, so you can share the chill artistic vibes with the world!
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We can admit it. We didn't get Bob Ross at first. We heard people talk about him before. We'd even seen a few paintings and thought... "neat." It wasn't until we sat down to watch a full episode of Bob Ross's painting shows that we got it. There's an ethereal quality to it, his gentle voice guiding you through each brushstroke. His amused chuckle calms the soul as he "beats the devil" out of his brush. He deftly transforms small blotches of Titanium White and Pthalo Blue into an amazing sky with plenty of happy clouds. And, of course, we always loved seeing the critters who would show up. Once you start watching an episode... you almost can't stop watching it until you've seen the entire painting come to fruition. After than, you end up wanting to watch another... and another. Soon, you're whole afternoon has been gobbled up with Bob Ross episodes. And you know what? It feels oddly relaxing! We think it's important to share his gentle and artistic legacy with the world, which is why we offer a wide variety of Bob Ross costume options, which include plenty of kits, accessories, and more!

For those who haven't seen an episode of The Joy of Painting, let us clue you in. The series ran from 1983 to 1994. In it, he'd showcase his painting skills and encourage the viewers to paint along with him. He inspired generations of new painters! He also inspired many people to give the afro a try! His signature style comes in the form of a bushy beard and a large, curly afro. Not all of us were gifted with the luscious brown curls of Bob Ross, so we carry some wigs to help out those who just can't get their hair into that lovely, bouncy afro.

If you're more interested in Bob Ross's work, then we have some costume options for you too! Choose from our Bob Ross dresses to help you transform into one of his famous pieces. We have multiple styles for women, including tank dresses. If blazers are more of your jam, then you can dress up in one of our Bob Ross blazers, which will help you share the pure bliss of Bob Ross paintings with the world.

Finally, if you just want a few artistic odds and ends, we have some Bob Ross-inspired accessories, so you can put the finishing touch on your own Bob Ross costume. All of these and more can help you dress up as the classic artist from The Joy of Painting! You can even pair up as the perfect couples costume by combining our painting outfits with our Bob Ross costumes! Monster