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Costume Ideas for Groups of Three [Costume Guide]

by |October 1, 2023
Categories: Costume Guides, Family

Halloween Costume Ideas for Groups of Three

Coordinating a group costume for Halloween can be challenging, but it's so much fun when you do it well! You have to consider your group size, the people making up your group, and shared interests for a great costume idea. Are you and your significant other dressing up with the kids? Maybe you're all college friends looking to have fun at a Halloween party! We have a fantastic selection of trio Halloween costumes for people of all ages. You're welcome to expand upon these cool group costumes to fit your entourage!


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Duo Halloween Costumes for Guys [Costume Guide]

by |September 30, 2023
Categories: Costume Guides

Duo Halloween Costumes for Guys

Do you have a best bud? Maybe he’s that guy who’s right at your side at the bars, or maybe he’s that dude always laying around on your couch mooching food. Maybe he’s that guy who’s always pulling you out of a tight situation, or perhaps he’s the one who drags you into bad situations in the first place. Either way, he’s got your back no matter what. If your looking to pair costumes, whether they be strange, quirky, funny and sometimes even dorky—this guide is dedicated to famous best bud costumes!


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Video Game Movies: Super Box Office Bros. [Infographic]

by |June 6, 2016

Video Game Movies: Super Box Office Bros

Video games have been telling stories since the days of Pong. Sure, a friendly game of table tennis on a Sunday afternoon may not be the next Citizen Kane, but the game still strives to show us an epic competition between two paddles! Other games take us on epic odysseys to a faraway land filled with princesses, dinosaurs, and tiny mushroom people, a la Super Mario Bros., and others, like the stories in Resident Evil, show us our own world, but with more zombies. With the treasure trove of tales to tell, it's not surprising that many games have taken the step into the silver screen. Some entered the movie scene like champs, while others crashed and burned in a glorious blaze of blue Hadouken flames. Since Blizzard has decided to take a stab at it with Warcraft, coming out on June 10th, we got inspired to put together this list of all the internationally released movies based on video games, which shows you which video game movies brought in the most coins and which ones tanked at the box office.


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