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DIY White Suit Costumes for Fine Folks

by |August 28, 2020

DIY White Suit Costumes for Fine Folks

There is something iconic and snazzy about a tux, we can all agree. But when they flip the script from black to white, things can take on an even more dramatic turn! From grooms to gangsters, superheroes and mega villains, and even the regular Joe Shmoe who wants to saunter down the street with some serious swagger, a white suit does wonders! So naturally, we all want one. The real question is how you can use the prestige of a white suit to transform into one of your favorite characters from film, TV, or video game fame. Well, it turns out that if you accessorize in just the right way, you can evolve your stunning style into an immediately recognized character costume! Don't believe us? Well, let's give you a tour of some of our favorite characters who have mastered their sartorial splendor and show you how you can suit up for Halloween!


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