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A Justice League of Their Own [Posters]

by |June 26, 2017

A Justice League of Their Own

The 25th anniversary of A League of their Own is coming up and we wanted to do something to celebrate. It’s a funny and positive story, after all, plus we’re suckers for a good sports movie. So we got this idea to combine A League of Their Own with the DC Comics team Justice League, because we’re also a fan of mashups and puns. (But don’t you dare call them mashupuns, because that’s going too far.) Anyway, if you combine those two you get A Justice League of Their Own, which is pretty obvious if you’ve already read the title of this series of original poster art. This time, though, it won’t be the Justice League versus the Legion of Doom like in that episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Instead, they’ll be facing off against the Parademons and their ringer, Steppenwolf. Of course, the Justice League of Their Own has to win, because there’s no crying in baseball. Hey, enough of the jokes, let’s get in to the posters!


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