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Jurassic Pup: Puppies Replace Raptors in 6 Movie Scenes

by |June 10, 2015
Categories: Humor, Mashup, Movies

Jurassic Pup


Typical weekday you = At work. Bored. Scroll through go-to blogs in search of fun article to chase away doldrums. Find one! Fluffy puppies! Find second one! Behind-the-scenes info about cool upcoming movie! SHOOT. Only have time for one before important spreadsheet is due. CAN'T PICK BETWEEN PUPPIES AND MOVIES!! SHAKE FIST AND WONDER WHY WORLD IS SO CRUEL!!

Okay deep breaths. That...

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Jurassic Wars: 12 Star Wars-Inspired Dinosaurs

by |June 8, 2015

Jurassic Wars Star Wars Inspired Dinosaurs


What do you get when you mash up two of 2015's (but more like the 21st century's) most highly anticipated blockbuster films? You get Jurassic Wars: An intergalactic adventure 65 million years in the making. In an unprecedented collision between a galaxy far, far, away, and creatures from a time long, long, ago, we bring you 12 completely new dinosaur species, inspired by 12 of the most...

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