Alien Species Height Chart: Extra-Tall-Restrials & Little Green Men [Infographic]

Alien Heights Infographic

Ever wonder how your favorite alien species from pop culture stack up against each other? We like to imagine just what would go down if they would happen to cross franchises and go toe-to-toe with a species from another movie or TV series. Like, what would happen if Alf waltzed onto the set of Sesame Street and started sizing up Gonzo? (Hint: Alf has the height advantage.) Or what if old school sci-fi aliens faced off, like The Man from Planet X versus the mutant from This Island Earth? We're not sure what would be the bigger advantage, the glass helmet or super-sized brain!? And when it comes to the action packed sci-fi on the big screen, there's all kinds of heavy duty - and terrifying - creatures that could ruin anyone's day. The arachnid bugs from Starship Troopers, the terrifying xenomorphs from Alien, the rancor from Return of the Jedi, or even the the straight up meanies from ID4... well, we hope we never come to face to face with something the likes of them. 

The question remains, though, just how would they measure up against each other in the height department? Well, wonder no more, because our crack research team combed the internet to find the true heights (or highly educated guesses...) of a ton of the all-time most iconic species across TV and film history. Of course, with the breadth of material, we couldn't include all species, so we settled on picking out the most iconic non-human species, along with some all-time staff favorites, to round out lineup on our infographic. So, whether you spend you downtime thinking about Science Fiction and could use a handy alien fact sheet or even if you need a guide to help you pick out the right costume for your intergalactic themed Halloween fun, we are proud to present the internet's most definitive alien height chart!

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Alien Height Chart

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So what do you think? If you're all about furriness and being quick with a punchline, our Alf costume for adults might be just the thing your Halloween needs. Alternatively, if you're all about being a lethal alien warrior, maybe one of our Predator costumes and accessories will be the thing to sate your appetite for interstellar victory. And if you have your sights set on being one the of the super tall alien brawlers on our guide? Well, we hope you are one heck of a creative cosplayer! Be sure to check out all of our Alien costumes to view our most popular (and no heavy fabrication required) costumes. Drop us a line or comment below to let us know what you think!

Design Credit: Brady Johnson

Jason Mattick

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