Wonder Woman Costumes: The Evolution of a Superheroine [Infographic]

by |March 21, 2016

The Evolution of Wonder Woman

With Gal Gadot taking to the silver screen in 2016 as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's safe to say the Amazing Amazonian is going to have a big year. With her own standalone feature slated for 2017, we might even be entering a new golden era of Wonder Woman. But before we plunge into brand new Wonder Woman cinematic adventures, we thought it'd be a good idea to revisit her look over the years throughout comics, TV, and pop culture. From her first comic book appearance in All Star Comics #8 in 1941, right up to the modern era with New 52, the animated DC Super Hero Girls shorts, and her upcoming appearance in the new movie, we've compiled each of her costumes here in this comprehensive infographic. Take a gander and brush up on some of her classic, vintage, and modern costumes!

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The Evolution of Wonder Woman

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So which Wonder Woman costume is your favorite? Do you prefer her classic look, or some of the more interesting ones? We'd love to know, leave us a comment below! We're really excited for this strong female role to be injected into the DC movie universe. If you're as excited as we are, be sure to check out our wide selection of Wonder Woman costumes. We also have a variety of t-shirts, bathrobes, dresses, and accessories if you'd like to inject some Diana Prince fashion into your everyday style. Make sure you're ready for a Wonder Woman resurgence with some of our fabulous looks!

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