Over the Top: WWE Royal Rumble Stats & Records [Infographic]

Over the Top: Royal Rumble Stats & Records [Infographic]


WWE's annual Royal Rumble has produced more than just a list of winners. For nearly three decades, the stats have piled up as records have been made and broken. Only time will tell what will happen at this year's Royal Rumble, but to best understand the future we must understand the past. While you could watch every Royal Rumble ever on the WWE Network for a mere (say it with us) $9.99, you'll get much of the same info with our handy Royal Rumble Stats & Records infographic!

Will Roman Reigns be able to win after getting so close last year? Does Daniel Bryan have what it takes to outlast 29 other Superstars, (Yes! Yes! Yes!) or will he turn out to be a B+ player after all (No! No! No!)? Will The Authority try to interfere and influence the outcome? And if they do, will Sting be around to thwart their plans yet again? The only things we know for sure are that there will definitely be some surprises (like Kevin Nash and JBL entering the match last year), and that Kofi Kingston won't be eliminated the first time he goes over the top rope. Away we go!


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Over the Top: Royal Rumble Stats & Records [Infographic]

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Highlights and Heroes

That was a lot of info, right?? Here are some of the most notable Royal Rumble tidbits...the kind that you can easily pull out of your singlet to share at your viewing party:


  • In 27 Royal Rumbles, there have been 28 total winners (including both Bret Hart and Lex Luger, 1994's co-winners)
  • Not counting multiple wins by a single Superstar, there have been 22 individual winners (Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, and Batista have each won twice, while Stone Cold Steve Austin won three times)
  • Only once has the WWE Championship been awarded to the Royal Rumble winner (Ric Flair in 1992)
  • Only once has the reigning WWE Champion won the Royal Rumble (Hulk Hogan in 1990)
  • Since 1993, the Royal Rumble winner has been granted a title shot at WrestleMania


Regardless of whether or not they capture championship gold at WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble winners join a list of "who's who" among WWE Legends and Hall of Fame inductees. Here is the complete list of Royal Rumble winners by year, including their entry number and the result of their match at that year's WrestleMania:


1988Hacksaw Jim Duggan13L vs Ted DiBiase
1989Big John Studd27No Match
1990Hulk Hogan (WWE Champion)25L vs The Ultimate Warrior (Intercontinental Champion)
Lost WWE Championship
1991Hulk Hogan24W vs Sgt. Slaughter
Won WWE Championship
1992Ric Flair
Won WWE Championship
3L vs Macho Man Randy Savage
Lost WWE Championship
1993Yokozuna27W vs Bret Hart (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
L vs Hulk Hogan
Lost WWE Championship
1994Lex Luger23L vs Yokozuna (WWE Champion)
Bret Hart27L vs Owen Hart
W vs Yokozuna (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
1995Shawn Michaels1L vs Diesel (WWE Champion)
1996Shawn Michaels18W vs Bret Hart (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
1997Stone Cold Steve Austin5L vs Bret Hart
1998Stone Cold Steve Austin24W vs Shawn Michaels (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
1999Vince McMahon2No Match
2000The Rock24L vs Triple H (WWE Champion), Mick Foley, Big Show
2001Stone Cold Steve Austin27W vs The Rock (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
2002Triple H22W vs Chris Jericho (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
2003Brock Lesnar29W vs Kurt Angle (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
2004Chris Benoit1W vs Triple H (World Heavyweight Champion), Shawn Michaels
Won World Heavyweight Championship
2005Batista28W vs Triple H (World Heavyweight Champion)
Won World Heavyweight Championship
2006Rey Mysterio2W vs Kurt Angle (World Heavyweight Champion), Randy Orton
Won World Heavyweight Championship
2007The Undertaker30W vs Batista (World Heavyweight Champion)
Won World Heavyweight Championship
2008John Cena30L vs Randy Orton (WWE Champion), Triple H
2009Randy Orton8L vs Triple H (WWE Champion)
2010Edge29L vs Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Champion)
2011Alberto Del Rio38L vs Edge (World Heavyweight Champion)
2012Sheamus22W vs Daniel Bryan (World Heavyweight Champion)
Won World Heavyweight Championship
2013John Cena19W vs The Rock (WWE Champion)
Won WWE Championship
2014Batista28L vs Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton (WWE World Heavyweight Champion)


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