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by |February 24, 2023
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Funny Costume Videos

There's just something about viral videos that make us want to share them with all of our friends. (Not to mention watching them multiple times!) Do they feature cute animals that give you a serotonin boost? Perhaps they're just laugh-out-loud hilarious! We're all about costumes here at HalloweenCostumes.com, and we love watching a good costume video take over the internet. So it's exhilarating to see our costumes out and about in the wild. Here are some viral video favorites taking over 2022!


Inflatable T-Rex Costume Walking Dino Dogs Video

@scottyandsimone Who would blow up Jurassic Park?A dino might.#nosyneighborsbelike #nosyneighbor #fypdogsoftiktok #dogsofttiktok ♬ Jurassic Park - The Original Movies Orchestra


  • Transcript:
  • My neighbors always stare at me when I walk my dogs. So today I gave them something to stare at!

The inflatable T-Rex costume first appeared on store shelves in 2015 in anticipation of the first Jurassic World movie. Ever since then, inflatable dino costume fever has swept the world! Years later, we're still giggling over these hilarious Halloween costumes. When @scottyandsimone showed up to walk the dogs in an inflatable dinosaur costume, they also gave their small dogs miniature T-Rex costumes. You could say that this cute video tickled our funny bones!


Mona Lisa's Famous Eyes Video

@adrianbliss Mona Lisa’s famous eyes πŸ‘€ #monalisa #comedy #fyp (costume @halloweencostumes.com ♬ original sound - Adrian Bliss


  • Transcript:
  • Person: Wow, it's true what they say. Her eyes really do follow you. Her eyes really are following me around the room! Wait, why isn't she looking at me anymore?
  • Mona Lisa: Because I'm doing him, you've already had your go.
  • Person, off-screen: It's not working anymore!
  • Mona Lisa: I've only got one pair of eyes. I can't look at—
  • Person, off-screen: Why isn't she looking at me?
  • Mona Lisa: You've been!
  • Person, off-screen: I haven't been.
  • Mona Lisa: Are you next?
  • Person, off-screen: Yeah.
  • Mona Lisa: Right, well walk across then.
  • Person, off-screen: No, you've ruined it now.
  • Mona Lisa: How have I ruined it?
  • People, off-screen: I want a refund. Why aren't you looking at me?
  • Mona Lisa: I can't look at everyone at the same time.
  • People, off-screen: What's going on? Why isn't she looking at me? What a disappointment. Absolute joke!
  • Mona Lisa, closing eyes: Oh, forget it.

Everyone loves a funny TikTok video. They're snappy, they're fun—and the good ones give us a little something to think about! With a Mona Lisa costume and his classic wit, @adrianbliss delivers a silly sketch about Leonardo's Mona Lisa painting. They say that her eyes follow you around the room, but have you stopped to think about it from the painting's perspective? Most of us can only look in one direction at any given time, so what if the same could be said for the Mona Lisa? Naturally, hilarity ensues as the poor painting is overwhelmed by people that can't seem to wait their turn to be watched as they move about around the room.


Lumiere Costume Try-On Video

@mrthomasenglish If you like this, wait until you see the other two! #disney #beautyandthebeast #mrthomasenglish ♬ original sound - Mr. Thomas


  • Transcript:
  • I have three costumes, and they're all from the same movie! We're starting with Lumiere! We gotta get through this without laughing! Look at the pants! Don't you dare judge my transition! Okay, so I gotta work out how to put this thing on. I need to stop laughing; I just need to have a different reaction! I feel like this is really when it comes together with this. I'm not going to lie; the button-up is not doing it for me! It's going to be a relaxed Lumiere, you know what I'm saying?
  • We're now going to do the hat! I have no idea how you're supposed to put this thing on! Like, is that right? This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine! Don't forget to give 'em the: JAZZ HANDS! Right, let's do a whole walkthrough, come on! Be. Our. Guest! Let me try and do a French accent. Right, let me get into character! Omelet du Fromage! Give 'em the old razzle-dazzle!

We love a good costume try-on video, and who could resist @mrthomasenglish's infectious joy? We sent him a few of our exclusive Disney's Beauty and the Beast costumes, but watching him sing, dance, and attempt a French accent makes this video extra fun to watch! (Did you catch that Dexter's Laboratory reference?) Jazz hands with Lumiere's candles for hands had us howling with laughter, but it would be tough to resist when trying on the costume. Is there a funny costume you'd like to see him try on next?


Incredible Joker Cosplay Transformation Video



♬ som original - CALL ME PAULO


  • Transcript:
  • "Som Original" by Call Me Paulo plays.

Have we mentioned how much we love cosplay? As evidenced by cosplay artist Alyson Tabbitha, having the perfect character costume is only part of the equation. She pairs the perfect makeup with a Joker costume with startling accuracy, looking like she just stepped off the set of The Dark Knight. Wow...just wow! We can't help but be excited to see what she comes up with next!


The Happiest Workout on Earth Video

@kurttocci the happiest workout on EARTH πŸ°πŸ˜… #comedy #funny #humor #disney #meme #fun #pov #cosplay #trending #viral #music #nostalgia #gym #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Kurt Tocci


Disney characters using the treadmill

Who doesn't love a "what would this character do" compilation? We watch as some of our favorite and most familiar Disney characters take to the treadmill at their local gym with the help of Kuri Tocci. We see Gaston strutting his stuff on the treadmill, complete with a mirror so he can admire his physique, and Woody's ragdoll run is iconic. Still, our favorite of the bunch is the famous Jack Sparrow run! We can only hope the rest of the gym staff got as much of a kick out of this viral video as we did.


The Incredibles Family Costume Video

@thekelleyfamily We absolutely love our family costumes this year πŸ₯°πŸ™ŒπŸΌ @HalloweenCostumes.com #halloween #familycostumes #thekelleyfamily #fyp #monstersfriend #dressupwithHC ♬ original sound - barnett


Halloween is coming. You have to get ready.

We love a good family costume! Not everyone is blessed with a family of 5, so we'll bask in the awesomeness of the perfect Incredibles family portrayed by @thekelleyfamily. With mom and dad dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, an older daughter for Violet, a younger brother as Dash and even a baby Jack-Jack, the gang's all here! That's not to say that you can't dress as the Incredibles for Halloween if you don't have all of the characters, but we'd be very impressed if you do.


Mario Party Costume Video


"DLOW's Bop Challenge" by DLOW plays

Parties with video games can be a lot of fun, and Mario Party is always a fan favorite. But, how cool would it be to dress up as Mario characters while playing games like Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart? The Harbin Sisters show us how it's done with this great Mario Party costume video! It's time to crank up the tunes for a dance break!


Disney Princess Flowers Music Video

@mrthomasenglish If Disney Princesses Sang Flowers By Miley Cyrus! #disney #mrthomasenglish ♬ Flowers - Miley Cyrus


If Disney Princesses sang "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus

We love a good Disney Princess mashup as much as anybody else! The phrases found in Miley Cyrus's song "Flowers" perfectly capture quite a few of them. Ariel's home next to the sea gives her full access to write in the sand as she pleases, and Tiana's fiercely independent nature makes us believe she's a self-love champ. Honestly, we can't argue with any of @mrthomasenglish's picks! What other cast of characters would you like to see perform to "Flowers"?


Family Hocus Pocus Costume Video

@kurttocci looks like a virgin lit the candle 🀣 #comedy #funny #humor #meme #family #fun #costume #halloween #pov #viral #trending #foryou #fyp ♬ original sound - Kurt Tocci


Narrator: My sister said I could pick her family's Halloween costumes.

Sister: Are you serious?

Kurt: You told me I could pick your costumes. So here they are. Are you ready to try them on?

Nick: Oh, I can't wait!

Kurt: What's up, Winnie?

Come on out! What's up, Billy? Yeah!

Sister: I love it! Amuck! Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!

Nick: Are you serious right now?

Kurt: Here you go, Nick. Sister!

Sister: Oh my god, my mop!

Kurt: Mr. Binx, there you go. And last but not least, the book!

Happy Halloween!

Family: Happy Halloween!

Seeing a family costume is always impressive, and we love this Hocus Pocus-themed group! Kurt Tocci went all out to ensure his sister's family would look their best for Halloween. They even accessorized with all of the Sanderson sisters' "brooms", Thackery Binx, and Winnie's spellbook. (Just make sure not to light any black flame candles!) We hope they all had a happy Halloween!


Have you seen any great videos with people in costumes recently? Whether quirky or cool, we love costumed shenanigans. If you're planning some video content of your own, don't be shy and come check out our selection at HalloweenCostumes.com! Wigs and costume accessories are all great places to start, but we can't deny the appeal of an inflatable dinosaur costume. Remember to get out there and have fun!

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