Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids in 2016

by |October 1, 2016
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Best Kid's Halloween Costumes for 2016

Trick or treating! Jack-o-lantern carving! Chocolate! Is it any surprise that Halloween is most kids’ favorite day of the year? We’ve got costumes for every kid. Got a kid who just won’t stop singing “Let It Go"? We've got an Elsa costume for that. (Anna, too.) How about a tween who loves the Avengers? Thor has arrived from Isengard. Maybe you're a new parent with an infant who you want to dress up for adorable Halloween photos? Babies can be some of the most fun people to dress up, so think carefully about the perfect baby costume. Whether or not you have one little baby or a whole tribe of kids to dress up, the fact remains that these costume selections will become immortal in family photo album history. The right choice is more important than ever! If you need a little extra help coming up with costume idea suggestions, this blog post should do the trick. Here are some of our favorites for 2016.

Superhero Costumes For Kids

DC Harley Quinn Girls Costume     Marvel Thor Kids Costume     

Ghostbusters Toddler Costume     The Incredibles Baby Jack Costume

The only thing cooler than dressing up as superheroes is dressing your kids up as superheroes. These kids’ costumes will attract the attention of just about everybody, all while being trendy and relevant. The hot costume this year is sure to be Harley Quinn, a character in the new Suicide Squad movie. Thor was the one missing Avenger from this year’s Captain America: Civil War, so do his character justice by bringing him back to the streets this Halloween. Ghostbusters was another big film this year, but for babies, our favorite costume is Baby Jack from The Incredibles. Just watch out for fires!

Movie Animal Costumes For Kids

Zootopia Nick Wilde Boys Costume     Girls Bear Costume     

Toddler Tarzan Costume     Infant Wolf Costume

Kids love animal costumes, and it’s not hard to see why. Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, and even all the way back to The Jungle Book - costumes based on animals have long been favorites. We have some animal costumes that are specific to a movie like our officially licensed Zootopia costumes, and some that can work as general animal costumes, like our our wolf or bear costumes. If you pick these costumes, make sure to get your kids working on their best “ROAR!”

Disney Princess Costumes for Kids

Frozen’s Elsa Costume     Beauty and the Beast Belle Costume     

Disney’s Snow White Infant Costume     Frozen’s Tween Anna Costume

"I don't care what they're going to say." Frozen will be a huge costume this year. Again. So what if you can recite the words to every song in your sleep? So what if you've watched Frozen everyday for the last year? Your kids will love it, and you're guaranteed at least one Frozen-less hour as you go trick-or-treating. If you just can't do another year of Frozen, we have lots of other Disney princesses in stock for every age - from baby costumes up to tweens. We have you covered whether your little one’s favorite movie is Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, or yes, even Frozen.

Star Wars Costumes for kids

Star Wars Child Rey Costume     X Wing Pilot Child Costume     

Star Wars Princess Leia Child Costume     Star Wars Yoda Toddler Costume

Star Wars outfits have been popular since oh, about 1977. Yet this Halloween, you have a big reason to dress your kids up in the costumes. First, it’s the first Star Wars film to feature a female protagonist, Rey. Her costume looks especially iconic. Or you could go old school and get the look of Star Wars original feminist icon, the former Princess Leia (now General Leia Organa). For your son, our X-Wing costume looks quite similar to Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron uniform. If you have a toddler, the Yoda costume plays to the size of your little one, creating the perfect ensemble green-head to green-toe.

Star Wars Yoda Kids Costume

Lego Costumes for Kids

Lego Ninjago Boys Costume   

Blue Ninja Master Costume     Lego Ninjago Cole Boys Costume Hoodie

Back in our day, Lego was all about blocks, but today Lego is about so much more. From their Indiana Jones and Star Wars video games to their upcoming Lego Batman movie, Lego is taking over the world. The costume that will win the hearts, minds, and karate chops of kids everywhere are our Ninjago costumes, the martial arts-inspired toy line turned tv show turned clothing line turned greatest Halloween costume ever.

PJ Masks Costumes For Kids

Catboy Costume     Girls Owlette Costume     

Gekko Costume     Mad Scientist Costume

Debuting in late 2015, PJ Masks is one of the most popular shows on TV for young kids. This show follows the adventures of regular kids by day, superheros by night. Their magical bracelets give them the power to transform their pajamas into superhero costumes. They do battle with the Evil Scientist, whose costume just so happens to be adult-sized for you to make sure your own little Owlettes, Gekkos, and Catboys don’t get away.

Hopefully these kids costumes helped you narrow down just what to have your little ones dress as this Halloween. We have the largest selection of costumes anywhere, so be sure to check out the rest of our kids costumes for more ideas. Looking for more family attire to create a group costume? Have a look at our 2016 family Halloween costume guide, and happy Halloween!

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