These Valentine's Day Costumes Will Melt Your Heart

by |February 5, 2021
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Valentine's Day Costumes

So Valentine's Day is coming up, and you don't just want to tell your special someone that you care, you want to show them. But how? With fun holiday costumes, of course! And if you're looking for the best Valentine's Day costumes, you've found the right spot. We've assembled some of the hottest Valentine's Day outfits that show off your feelings of love (or friendship). We've got Valentine’s Day costume ideas for men and women, so peruse these holiday suits, dresses, and accessories to find the perfect way to let you express your heartfelt connection!


Valentine's Day Suits to Suit Your Style

Valentine's Day Suits

Opposuits Hearts SuitSuitMeister Pink SuitWhite SuitSuitMeister Red Suit

On Valentine’s Day, the idea is usually "dress to impress". And while your date is likely to be impressed if you're in a dinner jacket or sport coat, nothing says "well put-together" like a full suit. If you want to really up the wow factor, we have the holiday suits that deliver. With all the fashion sense of a modern slim cut men's suit, they utilize outlandish graphic designs and bold colors that are sure to make anyone stand out! Try our heart suit to wear your heart on your sleeve...literally! If graphic hearts aren't quite your jam, we have bold pink and red suits or an all-white suit that will let you coordinate with your partner, with the décor, or even with that bouquet of flowers. You did remember to order the flowers, right?


Men's Valentine's Day Costumes You Probably Won't Wear on a Date

Men's Valentine's Day Costumes

Adult Heart CostumeMen's Cupid CostumeMen's King of HeartsAdult Realistic Heart

On the other side of dressing to impress, you have the Valentine’s Day costumes that are best described as "extra". Men do enjoy wearing funny costumes, and many of these will fit that bill. Surprise your sweetie with flowers and chocolates while dressed up in a realistic heart costume, or bring her some coffee in a Cupid costume. You could even be extra together by dressing like the King and Queen of Hearts! (You know you want to do it for the ‘Gram.) If you want your Valentine’s Day outfit to send a message, you can even take a heart costume and turn it into a DIY candy heart costume. That would be really sweet!


Spice Up Your Valentine's Day Looks With Men's Accessories

Men's Valentine's Day Accessories

Cupid KitAngel Harp PropPink CummerbundAdult Red Suspenders

Maybe you already have a spiffy outfit picked out, but just want to add some pink or red to match the style of the day. Pop a pair of red suspenders over your black-on-black slacks and shirt and it will be just the right touch. Maybe a Cupid accessory kit can be your own way of showing how you feel. (It works for us!) With red and pink costume pieces, you can mix and match to add just the right amount of color to your Valentine’s Day clothes.


Unique Women's Valentine's Day Costume Ideas

Women's Valentine's Day Costumes

Queen of Hearts CostumePlus Queen of HeartsGothic Red Wedding DressRed Flapper Dress

Guys might like to wear silly costumes, but that doesn’t mean that they need to have all the fun! While the heart costumes are technically unisex and can be worn by anyone, there are some Valentine's costumes meant more for the ladies. Have the cutest couples’ costume when you dress up as the Queen and King of Hearts, or wear Lydia’s iconic red wedding dress from Beetlejuice. We even have some risque costume choices, if you're looking to spice things up later in the day.

Also, we have this fun Box of Chocolates costume that's new for 2021:

Box of Chocolates Costume

Box of Chocolates Costume


Fun Valentine's Day Accessories for Women

Women's Valentine's Day Accessories

White Stockings with Pink BowsHeart PurseAngel Wings and HaloRed Fishnet Pantyhose

If you love the idea of adding a costume touch to your Valentine's Day look but aren't quite ready to go in-character, just try some of our fun costume accessories. You can put together a Valentine's Day outfit with a pair of bold red leggings, or highlight your racy look with bowed stockings or some wings. There are even options to swap out your regular purse for a cute heart-shaped purse for the day.


Spice Up Your Feet With Women's Shoes for V-Day

Women's Valentine's Day Shoes

Queen of Hearts ShoesLadies' Red Glitter ShoesRed Glitter Women's FlatsLadies' White Baby Doll Heels

Of course, you can't be head to toe pink or red unless you take care of the toes! Our shoes come in vibrant colors so that you can match your Valentine's Day costume look perfectly. Wear ruby red slippers for a look that shines, or upgrade them to heels if that's more your style. Colored shoes that coordinate with your Valentine’s Day dress are something we totally heart, so check out all of our colorful costume shoes to make sure your outfit is perfect.


Cute Valentine's Day Costumes for Kids

Cute Kids' Valentine's Day Costumes

Toddler Cupid CostumeChild Heart CostumeInfant Cupid CostumeCare Bears Tenderheart Bear Costume

It’s normal for kids to exchange valentines and candy with their schoolmates, but they can get in on the V-Day costume fun, too! Young kids and babies are perfect Cupids—surprise your significant other by giving them a Valentine’s Day gift with Cupid by your side! You can always have your child wear a cute heart costume. It even matches the adult costume, making for the perfect Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me photo op.


There you go! Valentine’s Day costumes are perfect for any guy or gal looking to spice up any romantic plans. What do you think about our take on V-Day costumes? Love the idea of dressing up? Let us know in the comments below, and then check out all of our Valentine's Day costumes to make sure your big day is a huge success!

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