Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Every Holiday Partygoer

by |December 18, 2015
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During the holidays there is little time for anything other than Christmas shopping and celebrations with your friends and family. These days, ugly Christmas sweater parties are aplenty, but that wasn't always the case. By some stroke of genius, someone (we aren't sure who) made it cool to go to a thrift store or dig up their old Christmas gifts from grandma and transform them into the inspiration of many Christmas parties. Since then, ugly holiday sweaters have become a hot commodity and many people are left wondering where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters for their event. The thrift stores are sold out, grandma's stock has run out, and you want something that suits you. Well, we're here to help with ugly Christmas sweater ideas for every holiday partygoer.



The Traditional

Ugly Christmas Sweaters.png


Do you have an ugly sweater party at work or just prefer a more conservative look for your festivities this year? Whether you are into the fruit cake sweater or something a bit more antiquated looking, we have what you are looking for right here! No need to search countless thrift stores on the off chance that there may be one left! (Not to mention the hassle of finding something in your size!) With this style, you might not win the ugliest sweater award, but who can resist wearing a red-nosed unicorn sweater?

Ugly Christmas Sweaters.jpg

Snow Drift Sweater - Shop      Fruit Cake Sweater - Shop      Unicorn Sweater - Shop      Nice Sweater - Shop

Reindeer Sweater - Shop      Milk & Cookies Sweater - Shop       Winter Wonderland Sweater - Shop       Present Sweater - Shop



The Jokester

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.png


So, you're a funny one, eh? Perhaps you are looking to crack a joke about Santa (pun 100% intended) or want to proclaim your love for bacon and beer. No matter what your goal is, you obviously have a sense of humor, so your ugly Christmas sweater should reflect that. If you wear the Happy Holla Days sweater for Christmas, does that make you a rapper or a wrapper? There are just so many questions that come to mind when looking at these sweaters that they are bound to bring laughs and plenty of interesting conversations.

Funny Ugly Sweaters.jpg
Peeking Santa Sweater - Shop      Holla Days Sweater - Shop      Pooping Santa Sweater - Shop       Santa's Crack Sweater - Shop

Bacon Sweater - Shop      Free Santa Sweater - Shop       Pooping Moose Sweater - Shop      Beer Sweater - Shop



The Geek

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Awkward Photo.png

We certainly hope you have your extra cheesy grin prepared if you are going to the party with any of these sweaters. You know those awkward family photos? Pair a few of these sweaters with some over-the-top grins and you have recreated the cover of Stepbrothers or The 40 Year Old Virgin. Just gaze about six inches away from the camera or everyone you talk to at the party and you are bound to win "Best in Snow" this year. After all, an ugly Christmas party just wouldn't be the same if things weren't a little weird. Right?!

Geeky Ugly Sweaters.jpg

Marvel Sweater - Shop      Dalek Sweater - Shop

Beholder Sweater - Shop      TARDIS Sweater - Shop      Laser Cats Sweater - Shop



The Overachiever

Ugly Sweater Couples.png

Nothing says you are trying too hard quite like a sweater strung with Christmas lights or fully wrapped in tinsel. Those sweaters take so much time and around the holidays who has the time to spare? We've got sweaters that give you the 3D effect, without any of the work. Sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. Grab the deer by the horns this year (literally) and check out some of these sweaters so you can pretend to be the overachiever you really don't want to be this year!

3D Ugly Sweaters.jpg

Santa Sweater - Shop      Reindeer Head Sweater - Shop      Christmas Wreath Sweater - Shop

Poinsettia Sweater - Shop      Snowman Sweater - Shop      Gingerbread Sweater - Shop      Present Sweater - Shop



The Movie Buff

Ugly Sweaters.png


There are some Christmas movies out there that are so good you have to make a point to watch them every year, but where do you even begin? Set a day aside to watch some movies, snuggle on the couch, and eat some Christmas popcorn. (Mmm, chocolate!) If you don't have that kind of time this year, you can show your love of movies at the ugly sweater party instead with these geeky Christmas sweaters. Now the question is, how do you choose your favorite? When all else fails, it would be fun to say, "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal" to everyone you see!

Movie Ugly Christmas Sweaters.jpg

Olaf Sweater - Shop      Krampus Sweater - Shop      Green Home Alone Sweater - Shop      Stormtrooper Sweater - Shop

Grinch Sweater - Shop     Black Home Alone Sweater - Shop      Rudolph Sweater - Shop      Elf Sweater - Shop



The Innocent

Santa and Ugly Christmas Sweaters.png

For the ugly Christmas sweater parties that include the kids (pets, too!), you'll need to make sure that they also have something equally ugly to celebrate the occasion. Finding a holiday sweater for your child at the thrift store is seemingly impossible. Apparently, small children didn't hop on the sweater bandwagon quite like the adults did in past decades. Luckily, we have a few options that aren't so hideous that your strong-willed child will refuse to wear it and still follows in the spirit of ugly sweaters.


Kids Ugly Christmas Sweaters.jpg

Grinch Sweater - Shop       Naughty Pet Sweater - Shop      Santa Pet Sweater      Snoopy Sweater - Shop

Reindeer Sweater - Shop      Ugly Christmas Sweater - Shop      R2D2 Sweater - Shop      Santa Head Sweater - Shop



The One With No Filter

Whether you've been tipping back a little too much egg nog or just have no filter (hey, we aren't judging), these sweaters will be a perfect compliment to your humorous personality! Inappropriate snowmen and Christmas themed innuendos combined with a few adult beverages sure sounds like one of the most perfect ugly sweater party ideas we've ever heard. If you are on the lookout for a mens ugly Christmas sweater with a hint of crude humor, these inappropriate ugly Christmas sweater styles are a match made in Christmas heaven.

Inappropriate Ugly Sweaters.jpg

Snowman Sweater - Shop      Naughty Santa Sweater - Shop      Dancing Elves Sweater - Shop

Mistletoe Sweater - Shop      Frisky Snowmen Sweater - Shop      Santa's Ho's Sweater - Shop      Frisky Deer Sweater - Shop


Have you decided what you will be wearing to your ugly Christmas sweater party? We want to hear all about your sweaters. AND if you have pictures, that's even better! For more ugly Christmas sweater ideas, be sure to check out the rest of our collection. We have everything from classic ugly Christmas sweaters to geeky ugly Christmas sweaters. Don't forget to document your party experience thoroughly and should the opportunity arise to take a selfie with Santa, we hope you brought your Pole-aroid. Merry Christmas!

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