Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pumpkin Patterns [Printables]

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“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world…”

Okay, so Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens isn’t even out yet, but Star Wars fans can’t contain their Death Star-sized excitement. Our normal countdown clock is usually for Halloween, but this year it's set to December 17th because that’s when Star Wars is finally back in theaters. After that day we'll finally be able to stop asking ourselves the big questions, like: will Chewie finally beat C-3PO at Holochess? Will BB-8 and R2-D2 be BFFs? Is Kylo Ren really just Ponda Baba in disguise? Yep, the big questions. But since Halloween is our specialty, we decided to make some really wizard Star Wars printable patterns for all you fellow fans out there who might want to add a little galaxy far, far away into your All Hallow's Eve celebrations.


The Force is strong with you, but you are not a Pumpkin Master… yet.

There’s no shame in being a Pumpkin Padawan! These Star Wars stencils are simple to moderate patterns that anyone can print off, stencil, carve, and display. Just follow the pattern and look at the code in the corner. White represents pumpkin that is to be left whole, and black areas are the parts you will need to cut out.



6 Pumpkins From The Dark Side…


1. Kylo Ren Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-Kylo Ren.jpg

Nobody is quite sure who Kylo Ren is or what he’s after, but we’re pretty sure he’s pure evil. Place a red light in this one for that perfect Sith shade.


Free Kylo Ren Pumpkin Pattern


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2. First Order Stormtrooper Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-First Order Stormtrooper.jpg

No Star Wars pumpkin stencil set is complete without a Stormtrooper. The Empire has become The First Order, and with that change, they got a much-needed armor upgrade. This Stormtrooper pattern shows off the brand spanking new helmet.


Free First Order Stormtrooper Pumpkin Pattern


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3. Darth Vader’s Burned Helmet Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-Darth Vader Burnt Helmet.jpg

If you’ve watched the trailer about 100 times like us, you’re probably semi-obsessed over that burned Vader helmet. Who has it and why?! Well, technically you will have it after you carve a pumpkin.


Free Darth Vader Burned Helmet Pumpkin Pattern


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4. Flametrooper Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-Flame Trooper.jpg

When blasters aren’t enough you go to the old standby… flamethrowers! One of the new units is a First Order Flametrooper. Try an orange light in this one to get that flaming effect.


Free Flametrooper Pumpkin Pattern


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5. Jakku Star Destroyer Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-Jakku Star Destroyer.jpg

One of the first glorious shots in the Force Awakens trailer is the slow pan over to the Star Destroyer wasting away on the surface of Jakku.


Free Jakku Star Destroyer Pumpkin Pattern


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6. Captain Phasma Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-Captain Phasma.jpg

Who is Captain Phasma? Nobody is quite sure, but she’s already gaining a big following based her awesome shiny armor alone.


Free Captain Phasma Pumpkin Pattern


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…And 4 Pumpkins From the Light.


1. Rey Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-Rey Speeder.jpg

Rey zooms around Jakku looking for scrap, and now she’ll be zooming across your pumpkin on her humongous speeder.


Free Rey Pumpkin Pattern

Rey-Speeder.png” width=

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2. Finn Pumpkin


Is Finn a Jedi? He has a lightsaber… but all we can do is speculate. He’s one of the Resistance heroes and he’ll be a Halloween hero as well when you carve him into your pumpkin.


Free Finn Pumpkin Pattern


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3. BB-8 Pumpkin


He’s possibly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. BB-8 is the perfect shape for a pumpkin, because he’s short, round, and, we can only assume, full of seeds and gooey orange stuff.


Free BB-8 Pumpkin Pattern


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4. Poe Dameron Pumpkin

Star-Wars-Pumpkin-Poe Dameron.jpg

He’s the new ace pilot for the Resistance. Try a blue light in this one to match the markings on his T-70 X-Wing.


Free Poe Dameron Pumpkin Pattern


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Pumpkin Carving Tools

pumpkin carving kits.jpg

Scoop and Knife Set     Pumpkin Carving Tools 

That’s it! These ten Star Wars Pumpkin Patterns will show the neighborhood that The Force is strong with your house. Now don’t mind us as we go back to staring at the countdown clock slowly tick by. Come on, December 17th! While you impatiently wait for the premiere, take some time and peruse our new Star Wars costumes so you are fully prepared for the Episode 7 premiere.



Design Credit: Jacob Kuddes

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