"How Would You Die in a Horror Movie?" Flowchart Quiz

Horror Movie Death quiz


Don't hide in the closet! Run out of the house! Oh my gosh, would someone turn a stinkin' light on!?” If you're anything like us, watching a scary movie without yelling at the TV screen is virtually impossible because horror movie characters are notorious for their bonehead decisions. A group of silly teenagers summon a demonic spirit on purpose and then wonder why all their friends turn up mangled or maimed to shreds. That's the beauty of horror movies, though! You can always count on lots of foolish mistakes, resulting in gruesome jaw-dropping death scenes. If you go gaga for gore and guts, take our quiz to find out how YOU would kick the bucket. Spoiler alert: no one is getting out alive!



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So, how did it go? Did you get hacked to bits or were you devoured by zombies? We'd like to know so we can include it on your tombstone. “R.I.P. (insert your name here). They ended up with a machete in their head...and now they're really dead!” Tell us in the comment section below and we'll start digging your grave and carving your headstone epitaph!



Design Credit: Travis Green