DIY Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Costume

by |October 1, 2015
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Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Costume


It's an outrage! It's a scandal! And of course, it's a Halloween costume. In light of the Volkswagen TDI diesel scandal, there is no separating the news from this year's best "attention getting cringe costume" idea. This is not to trivialize a devastating blow to the car industry, or the countless VW employees it impacts, or the questions it raises about values and ethics. It is, well, comedy. When it hurts too much to cry, it's time to laugh!

In a year with too many scandals, tasteless costumes, and unfortunate news stories to count on all your fingers and toes, this is just par for the course. The real challenge is finding a way to take something so abstract and make it a tangible outfit. Consider our suggestions on how to put together a Volkswagen Diesel Scandal costume, if you want to be the "Oh, I get it" Halloween 2015 partygoer that starts conversations. (*Note: these conversations may be uncomfortable!)



DIY Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Costume

VW Diesel Scandal Costume

Anyone else feeling a little gassy?

If you are extremely naughty, you will always find yourself on the shortlist for topical costumes! Yup... For anyone feeling some type of way about this story and looking to embody scandal in 2015, here is how you can do it!


Products Used

Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Costume How To

Deluxe Smoke Mask     Video Game Car Costume 

Adult Black Combat Boots      Spider Web Decor      Fake Money

Toilet paper tube, Box, Gas Can, Black Spray Paint - Sold Separately


Most of this is pretty self-explanatory, but the most challenging part was building the emissions smoke cloud and the exhaust pipe.


Step 1 - Bundle It!

  • Simply bundle up your spider web, and make it nice and fluffy. Your don't want to add a ton of weight here, so the more you can fluff it up, the better. We found a little bit of fishing line helped tie it all together. Spray that puppy down with your black spray paint and clog it into you toilet paper tube.

Step 2 - Bind It!

  • We used duct tape, and a cardboard box cut to fit inside of the video game car costume to give it a sturdy shape. After cutting a small hole in the "exhaust area" and plugging the hole with the "non-smokey end" of the tube, we just duct taped it in in place on both ends.

Step 3 - Sling It!

  • Even with the "smoke" being rather light, it hung a little heavy thanks to our friend gravity. So we wrapped fishing line all around the "smoke plume" and hoisted it up to the box. There we cut a few small holes, and weaved it in an out of the holes to creat some support for the plume. (Think of a suspension bridge.)


The rest, we challenge you to discover for yourself. Hint: It involves tying your combat boots, putting the gas mask on, and holding your gas can. Really tricky stuff! Last note to Volkswagen drivers everywhere: We feel your pain, but hey, what can we do but drive forward.


Volkswagen Diesel TDI Scandal Costume

Do you have a diferent vision on how to portray this crime against the environment? Are you considering turning it into a couples costume? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below! Unless you find sharing your costume ideas too, wait for it, exhausting.

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Shelley Horn

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