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Attack on Titan Infographic


Attack on Titan (aka 進撃の巨人 or Shingeki no Kyojin) made a colossal splash on pop culture the last few years. From the pages of the unstoppable Japanese manga to the anime series you couldn’t peel your bloodshot eyes away from, Attack on Titan took the world by gnashing-toothed storm. And the storm only seems to intensify with time!

There was the live-action movie making a footprint on Comic-Con, wild speculation about the true nature and origins of Titans, and “leaked” information that brewed the perfect storm for fans and YouTube/Wikia speculators. Yep, the mystery mingled with misinformation created a steamy mess that we couldn't resist. So, we tried to do some untangling by dredging up information that true fans might appreciate. Again, proceed with caution, but if you can still enjoy a show or manga with a little bit of the backstory in your noggin, then spoil away friends!




The first infographic in this post, Private Disclosure: How to Kill a Titan, includes spoilers from season one of Attack on Titan that anyone with a Netflix account or the DVDs could potentially know. The second infographic underneath, Classified: Known Titan Shifters, also includes TITANIC - potentially show/manga RUINING - spoilers. Last, there is potentially some speculation that may be written out of the plot, as all of the enclosed information was learned on shingekinokyojin.wikia.com, and we can't control what happens from this point. You know, should the writers change their direction or what have you! In other words, take it with a grain of salt, and don't beat us about the head and nape of the neck if anything changes down the way.


Attack on Titan How to Kill a Titan Infographic


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Private Disclosure: How to Kill a Titan Transcript

Attn: Garrison & Survey Corps

Know your enemy, even if you don't understand it. Titans appeared 107 years ago to devour and bring your humanity to near extinction. They seemingly feed for pleasure, deriving no sustenance from their human prey. While so much is still unknown, this survival guide will help to keep all your organs and bones in your body where they belong. Stay alert and work together. We may be smaller but are no less deadly. Let us reclaim our lands in the name of our fallen!


Titan Basic Features

  • Anatomy: Bipedal humanoid with varying anatomical abnormalities. 
  • Sexes: No reproductive organs, yet the body structure mostly appears masculine. 
  • Temperature: Body temperature hot enough to sometimes vaporize air and create steam. 
  • Widened Mouths: Exaggerated or widened mouths with small, square teeth. Some have been known to possess only canines. 
  • Incomplete Digestive Tract: Even with a stomach-like cavity. Titans do not digest human prey but regurgitate the dead in a ball of flesh once at capacity. 

Titan Height Classes

  • 60 Meters
  • 15 Meters
  • 8-14 Meters
  • 7 Meters
  • 3-6 Meters

3-6 Meter Class:

(ie: Sonny)

No demonstrated intelligence, these Titans are generally more human-like in their appearance, although they sometimes have large heads in proportions to their bodies. 

7 Meter Class:

(ie: Bean)

Possibly the most common. 7M class Titans have very large heads for their frame with a semi-quadruped, ape-like stance. 

8-14 Meter Class:

(ie: Smiling Titan)

Most similar to human body proportions, this is an active and spry form of Titan. 

60 Meter Class:

(ie: Colossal Titan)

After 100 years of peace in the year 845, the Colossal Titan was the first to remind humanity of its vulnerability during the fall of the Wall Maria. Tall enough to peer over the Walls, it was he who breached the wall, causing the Fall of Shiganshina before vanishing mysteriously and going unseen for five years. 

Titan Behavior

  • Hunting: Exclusively est human prey, ignoring other animals. 
  • Intelligence: No intelligence- easy to lure, easy to fool. (Exceptions referenced in the CLASSIFIED document.)

Titan Physiology

  • Regenerations: Able to generate body mass and energy at will to varying degrees and speeds.
  • Mass: Low mass, even with large size. Fast, agile, and incredibly strong. 
  • Docility: Less active at night, possibly deriving energy from sunlight.
  • Pain Sensitivity: Varies by Titan. Some do not react to pain. While others shriek out. 
  • Deformations: All titans are deformed in varying degrees. (ie: small or large limbs or heads, sharp teeth, and/or total lack of skin or subcutaneous tissues)
  • Vulnerabilities: There is only one way to kill a Titan- Slicing the nape of the neck

Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear

Given the massive size of Titans, we must train with Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, also known as Vertical Maneuvering Equipment or Omni-directional Mobility Gear. Becoming a master with this gear requires practice and discipline, but when used correctly, it represents our best tool for disposing of the Titans. 


  • Plug-in Blades
  • Blade Handles
  • Piston-shot Grapple Hooks
  • Emission Mechanism
  • Fan Section
  • Gas Tanks
  • Sheath

Attack on Titan: Titan Shifters Infographic


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Titan Shifter Transcript: 

The Tiatn shifter represents one of the greatest threats and promises for humanity. With intelligence rivaling or even exceeding an experienced soldier, they are vastly more difficult to kill and casualties during these encounters often spike dramatically. Titan shifters can transform when a wound draws blood (often self-inflicted), making detainment and concealment crucial while they are still safely in human form. Know your enemy, even if you don't understand it, and we can prevail!

Titan Height Chart

  • 60M (Colossal)
  • 17M (Beast)
  • 15M (Dr. Grisha Yeagar, Frieda Reiss, Rogue, Armored)
  • 8-14M (Female, Smiling)
  • 7M (Dancing, Bean)
  • 3-6M (Sonny)

Known Titan Shifters in Order of Height:

Adequate information does not currently exist concerning four documented Titan Shifters not on this list: Marcel, Uri Reiss, Mr. Reiss, and The First King. For the remainder of known specimens with adequate documentation, here is what we know. 

Colossal Height (60 Meter Class):

  • Status: Alive
  • Identity: Bertolt Hoover, 3rd Rank Graduate od the 104th Trainees Squad and former Survey Corps member.
  • Personality: Introverted, unambitious, and self- described coward. While he showed great promise, Hoover lacked initiative and appealed to public opinion. 
  • Anatomy: Able to superheat his body to create a defensive barrier of hot steam, the greatly deformed Colossal Titan has thick, pillar-like legs with large, swollen feet and a skinless body. With a disproportionally tiny head for his hulking frame, the Colossal Titan has can also appear and disappear at will, defying known scientific, laws and even the abilities of other Titan Shifters. 

Beast Titan (17 Meter Class):

  • Status: Alive
  • Identity: Unknown
  • Personality: Brilliant, sadistic, and sarcastic. The Beast Titan uses people and Titans to his advantage and shows little remorse for their slaughter once he no longer has use for them. With unrivaled genius, he even outranks Hange Zoe on the intelligence spectrum. 
  • Anatomy: With a small head and barrel chest, the Beast Titan's upper body is most similar to that of the Colossal Titan. Yet the remainder of his body resembles that of an ape, with dark fur covering the majority of his body. Walking upright, the Beast Titan has long, slender arms, opposable thumbs, and immense muscular strength. 

Rogue Titan (15 Meter Class):

Status: Alive

Personality: Passionate, Impulsive, and hot-headed

Anatomy: With a lean, muscular, and more human-like build, Eren possesses the strength and will to kill most Titan enemies. Pointed ears and a lipless mouth exposing his teeth also differentiate him. 

Dr. Grisha Yeager (15 Meter Class): 

Status: Deceased

Personality: Altruistic, patient, and reserved. 

Anatomy: A disproportionately wide torso, unkempt black hair, elongated ears, and a thick beard and chest hair. 

Frieda Reiss (15 Meter Class):

Status: Deceased

Indentity: Frieda Reiss

Personality: Caring, compassionate, and later, disillusioned. A notable change in Frieda's personality was observed after she received the coordinate. 

Anatomy: With light-colored, shoulder-length hair, large eyes filled with dark loops, and a skeletal nose, she had a defined muscular structure similar to the Female Titan. 

Armored Titan (15 Meter Class)

Status: Alive

Indentity: Reiner Braun, 2nd Rank Graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad and former Survey Corps Member. 

Personality: Passionate, duty-driven, and kind-hearted. This irony perhaps provides insight into his motivation against humanity, which is yet unclear. 

Anatomy: True to the name, the Armored Titan has hardened plates of thick, yellow-golden skin all over its body that acts as armor. Although, weak points on the backs of the joints and corners of his lipless mouth are vulnerable to attack. 

Female Titan (14 Meter Class)

Status: Alive, but crystallized

Indentity: Annie Leonhart, 4th Rank Graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad and former Military Police Brigade member. 

Personality: Isolationist, apathetic, and reserved. 

Anatomy: The Female Titan is unusually fit and strong, with exposed muscle and tissue. 

Dancing Titan (7 Meter Class)

Status: Alive

Identity: Ymir, >10th Rank Graduate of the 104th Trainees Squad and former Survey Corps member. 

Personality: Mysterious, guarded, and critical. It is believed she possesses closely guarded knowledge concerning the true nature of Titans and human history. 

Anatomy: The smallest Titan shifter yet identified, she has a larger head, mouth of all the canines, long, black hair, and a chimpanzee-like body with long arms and sharp claws. 

The First King

Over 100 years ago when the Titans first attacked, humanity teetered on the brink of extinction. The First King, a Titan Shifter of great power, possessed the power of the Coordinate, Instead of wiping out the Titans, he chose to contain humanity behind the walls, believing that a world ruled by Titans created true peace. Utilizing his ability to control the Titans with the power of the Coordinate, he caused of Titans to harden their skin, creating the Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina. 

Source: shingekinokyojin.wikia.com

That's a lot of Titans! We hope that these two infographics have gotten you even more excited about the upcoming Attack on Titan movie and future seasons of the show. We also have a killer set of exclusive Attack on Titan costumes, including Mikasa and Eren, so you know you'll have an outfit to cosplay in when you're screening the film. (Good luck actually killing a Titan for real, though.)


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