Halloween Costumes 2015: Baby Costume Ideas

by |August 11, 2015
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There is nothing that makes "cheek pinchers" swoon quite like a little baby. You might not be taking your newborn door-to-door hunting for candy, but on Halloween night it's still fun to dress them up in costume, regardless. Is there anything better than dressing up a cute little baby in a costume that they you love? It is important to take advantage of one of the only years where your child won't mock your taste in costumes or refuse to wear it. Your baby's first year of life is filled with lots of milestones and candid moments that can all be celebrated in costume one way or another. Whether you need newborn picture ideas, a Santa Claus outfit for your little guy's first Christmas, or the perfect baby Halloween costume, we've got just what you are looking for and so much more!



Cozy Costumes

Warm and Cozy Baby Costumes.jpg
Kitty Costume - Shop       Bear Costume - Shop       Koala Costume - Shop

Puppy Costume - Shop       Pink Bunny Costume - Shop


If you have a newborn, chances are they will sleep the whole night away anyway. If you want to keep them warm and cozy all while looking adorable, these are some great options. They are cuddly for baby and convenient for mom and dad. These costumes allow for easy transporting in the carseat so you don't have to take the costume on and off all night long, and most importantly, you don't have to wake your sleeping baby!



Animal and Insect Costumes

Animal and Insect Baby Costumes.jpg
Monkey Costume - Shop       Peacock Costume - Shop       Pig Costume - Shop       Lion Costume - Shop

Bat Costume - Shop       Ladybug Costume - Shop       Bumble Bee Costume - Shop       Bunny Costume - hop


Isn't it amazing how some of the most feared insects and animals can be some of the most adorable looks for a baby? Animals are a very popular choice for kids' costumes, babies especially. Do you want a friendly bumble bee, a lion that's less than ferocious, or the cutest little peacock? Whatever animal or insect you choose, one thing is for certain: that baby of yours will be off the charts of the cuteness meter!



Superhero Costumes

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Superman Bunting Costume - Shop       Wonder Woman Costume - Shop       Spider-Man Costume - Shop

Supergirl Costume - Shop       Captain America Costume - Shop       Batman Costume - Shop


Your little one might not be up for fighting crime quite yet, but it's still fun to pretend! Do you have a bold Wonder Woman, a handsome Dark Knight, or perhaps a little Houdini who can scale the wall just like Spider-Man? They may not be able to fly (or even walk for that matter), but they sure seem to have supersonic speed when it's trouble they are after. The Flash would be proud!



Under the Sea Costumes

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Shrimp Costume - Shop       Shark Costume - Shop       Lobster Costume - Shop

Clown Fish Costume - Shop       Whale Costume - Shop       Turtle Costume - Shop


Have you ever been snorkeling in an impressive reef, or watched Finding Nemo and realized how cool marine life really is? A 150 year old sea turtle? Where can WE get one of those?! Sure, sharks are a little scary, but when you put a baby inside a shark costume, there's no longer anything to fear! Pick up an under the sea themed costume for your little shrimp this year and you won't be disappointed.



Costume Hats for Babies

Baby Hats.jpg
Blue Penguin Hat - Shop       Lion Mane Hat - Shop       Blue Owl Hat - Shop       Brown Owl Hat - Shop

Shark Hat - Shop       Sock Monkey Hat - Shop       Cupcake Hat - Shop       Blue King Hat - Shop

Pink Princess Hat - Shop       Pink Penguin Hat - Shop       Pink Owl Hat - Shop       Bear Hat - Shop


Hats aren't just for Halloween. It has become an increasingly popular trend for newborns to be photographed with different hats and outfits so that all of the relatives can gawk at their cuteness. Not only are crocheted and knitted hats used for pictures, but a lighter hat is also perfect for chilly spring and fall months. Animals aren't just a popular Halloween trend, but many hats are now made to resemble some of the cutest critters (besides your own, that is).


Holiday Costumes

Holiday Baby Costumes.jpg
Santa Hat - Shop       Reindeer Bunting - Shop       Santa Baby Bunting - Shop        Snowman Bunting - Shop

Turkey Costume - Shop       Mummy Loves You Costume - Shop       Football Costume - Shop


Football Sunday might not be an official holiday (don't tell football fans), but it is still worthy of mention in this category, since one of the largest social gatherings takes place on Super Bowl Sunday! Christmas is also a fun time of year to dress up your little tyke. Santa, an elf, a reindeer, or the cutest snowman you've ever seen. Chances are they will be the best present under your Christmas tree this year. (And the cutest, of course!)



Newborn Buntings

Newborn Buntings.jpg
Lamb Bunting - Shop       Dragon Costume - Shop       Sock Monkey Bunting - Shop       Donkey Bunting - Shop

Hungry Caterpillar Bunting - Shop      Puppy Bunting - Shop       Rocket Bunting - Shop       Ladybug Bunting - Shop

Carrot Bunting - Shop       Mummy Bunting - Shop       Fox Bunting - Shop


Did your baby just spend nine months on the inside and is still accustomed to that snuggly home? Most newborns love to be swaddled, which makes these bunting costumes perfect for Halloween night or a photography session with your baby. They will keep your child warm and wrapped tightly, giving them the secure feeling they love so much. Do you think these come in adult sizes? A nap sounds great right about now!



Hat and Diaper Cover Sets

Newborn Outfits .jpg

Piggy Outfit - Shop       Bunny Outfit - Shop       Pink Poodle Outfit - Shop

Cowboy Outfit - Shop       Mouse Outfit - Shop       Lamb Outfit - Shop       Cop Outfit - Shop


On the off-chance that your baby doesn't like being swaddled, there are several alternatives for cute costumes and newborn photo attire. With the perfect photo props, you will have an undoubtedly adorable session with your little one. Doesn't the little cowboy melt your heart? How hungry are you for a donut all of the sudden? Have you ever seen such a tiny Minnie Mouse costume? We can't handle it...cuteness overload!


Whether your baby is on the move or brand new, we have exactly what you are looking for. From picture ideas all the way to the perfect baby Halloween costume, you will find the largest online selection right here at HalloweenCostumes.com! What costume(s) will you pick for your baby this year? Tell us in the comments below. The best part about Halloween being on a Saturday this year is you don't have to pick just one costume - we plan to celebrate Halloween all week!

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