10 Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

by |June 26, 2015
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Everyone gets excited to dress up for Halloween! How many opportunities do you get handed to you on a silver platter each year to dress up as your favorite superhero, animal, or internet meme? (**Socially acceptable opportunities.) Sometimes, though, the holiday has a way of sneaking up on you before you have a chance to even begin thinking of what to wear on the big night. If you ever find yourself in that stressful situation, we came up with 10 simple last-minute Halloween costumes that won’t hurt your wallet or your brain.



1. Quick and Easy Cat Costume

Quick and easy cat Halloween costume

     Cat Ears and Tail      Black Cat Mask      Deluxe Cat Tail

Black Cat Nose      Kitty Paws      Grey Gloves


Cat costumes are a Halloween staple for a reason. Basically, everyone loves cats, and it's so easy to dress like one. Just wear all black and accessorize with ears and a tail. For whiskers, you can either get a simple mask or just draw them on with eyeliner. It doesn't get much easier than that! You can also add some kitty paw gloves to make your costume more authentic. You might draw some strange looks if you start crawling around on all fours, though.



2. Quick and Easy Pirate Costume

Quick and easy pirate Halloween costume

Pirate Mustache      Pirate Hat  

Eye Patch      White Pirate Shirt


Yaaarrrrgh! You don’t have to go overboard to put together a solid pirate costume. Nowadays, people think "Captain Jack Sparrow" when they think about dressing like a pirate, but your last-minute pirate costume can be much more simple. Just pull the look together with a white blousey shirt and some accessories like an eye patch and a pirate hat. You’ll also score bonus points if you talk like a pirate...matey.



3. Quick and Easy Zombie Costume

Quick and easy zombie costume

Zombie Wig      Zombie Masks      Zombie Husband Costume


Another quick costume idea you can pull together in a pinch is a zombie look. You can make it way easy with a zombie mask, or get a little more detailed with a makeup kit. (We recommend this kit!) All you need to complete this costume are some tattered or dirty duds. Zombies aren't known for being the best at personal hygiene, and they SURE don't make time for things like laundry!



4. Quick and Easy Ninja Costume

Quick and easy ninja costume

Simple Ninja Costume     Ninja Mask

Ninja Weapon Kit      Black Gloves


Are you the kind of person at the Halloween party who likes to lurk in the shadows and strike at the punch bowl when nobody is looking? Then you should probably be a ninja for Halloween. You may select your weapon of choice, but the only color you get to dress in is black. Have you ever seen an orange ninja? Not very stealthy. Also, karate skills are not included, so don't try to go picking any actual fights.


5. Quick and Easy Superhero Costume

Quick and easy superhero costumes

Red Superhero Cape      Superman T-Shirt

Wonder Woman T-Shirt       Batman T-Shirt


You don’t have to go all in on a fancy costume in order to dress up as your favorite superhero. We have a great selection of superhero t-shirts for quick and easy superhero costumes that you’ll be comfortable zooming around in all night. If you want to be a little more original, get a cape and a mask and make up your own superhero! However, with superheroes like Squirrel Girl and Impossible Man already existing, you might find it difficult to make up your own.


6. Quick and Easy Tuxedo Costume

Quick and easy tuxedo costume

Tuxedo T-Shirt     Top Hat

White Gloves      Black Cane


Want to pull off a fancy look with your Halloween costume? Look no further than our awesome tuxedo t-shirt. A Halloween costume idea like this is not only cheap and easy, but you’ll have added a sweet t-shirt to your collection that you can wear on a regular basis. While the shirt may be the focal point, consider adding to the look with white gloves, a top hat, and a cane. Nothing screams fancy like a top hat, especially with a t-shirt...



7. Quick and Easy Fairy Costume

Quick and easy fairy costume

Simple Fairy Costume      Woodland Fairy Wings

     Green Tutu      Green Fishnet Tights


Looking for a sexy costume you can pull together in a pinch? Keep it simple with a fairy costume! A quick and easy fairy costume can be put together with tights, a tutu, and, most importantly, wings. You can dress in green like everyone's favorite fairy, Tinkerbell, or choose from a variety of other colors like pink, purple, blue, or even rainbow. Whichever you choose, your Halloween costume is sure to be magical.



8. Quick and Easy Nerd Costume

Quick and easy nerd costume

Nerd Glasses      Striped Bow Tie       Blue Socks


Maybe you're not looking for something like a sexy fairy or a scary zombie. Maybe you're looking for a unique costume that's will get some laughs instead. Why not geek out for Halloween with a quick and easy nerd costume? You may have extensive knowledge of superheroes or Dungeon and Dragons, so this is the perfect costume for letting your inner nerd come out to play. Tuck in that shirt, hike up those pants and fill that pocket protector up with pens.



9. Quick and Easy Cowboy Costume

Quick and easy cowboy costume

Cowboy Hat      Stick-On Mustache Pack      Bolo Tie

Sheriff Badge      Red Bandana      Cowboy Mustache


Yee-haw! Saddle up, partner. You can pull a cowboy Halloween costume together as quickly as you can draw a six-shooter from a holster. There are several styles you can go with for your cowboy costume: jeans and flannel like Woody from Toy Story, a black mask like the Lone Ranger, or even navy with silver stars like the Dallas Cowboys (just kidding). With accessories like a bandana, cowboy hat, and boots, you'll have an easy costume. Extra points if you can grow your own mustache!



10. Quick and Easy Clown Costume

Quick and easy clown costume

Clown Makeup Kit      Derby Hat      White Clown Gloves

 Giant Bow Tie      Rainbow Clown Wig      Clown Nose

Mini Umbrella      Clown Shoes      Rainbow Suspenders


Clowns have mostly been viewed as the fun and friendly faces at the circus, with painted faces, colorful wigs, and floppy shoes. However, for every person who loves clowns, there's also a person who's watched Stephen King's It or American Horror Story and is terrified of them. Whether you want to be a funny clown or a scary clown is up to you, but this simple costume is sure to be a hit. Facepaint and a hallmark red nose really pull the look together, and you can choose to top it off with either a colorful wig or a goofy hat - or both!


With so many options for quick and easy Halloween costumes, you won’t have any problems putting something together on the cheap if you’re in a time crunch. Have you ever had to come up with a last-minute costume because you procrastinated? Was it a smash hit or did it flop? Share your ideas with us! If you'd like to avoid the stress of putting together a last minute costume, take a look at our complete selection of adult costumes and accessories now!

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