HalloweenCostumes.com Holiday Gift Guide 2014

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014


Do you go through the same scenario every holiday season? Making a list, checking it twice, and still coming up a little short? Finding the perfect gift at HalloweenCostumes.com can make even the hard-to-shop-for ooh and ahh. We have gathered up some great gift ideas to help elicit that cherished reaction and make lasting memories!


Holiday Gift Guide for Men


Gift Ideas For Men: Robes

Star Wars Adult Jedi Robe - Shop         Doctor Who Tardis Robe - Shop

See All Men's Robes - Shop


Keep the men in your life warm in their favorite branded robe. These one-size-fits-most robes are an easy gift and the plush terrycloth fabric makes the receiver really feel the holiday love.


Gift Ideas for Men: Fleece Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Ghostbusters Costume Sweatshirt - Shop         Game of Thrones Stark Hoodie - Shop

More Men's Sweatshirts - Shop


Character and costume sweatshirts are not only practical in the cold winter months, but also comfortable and engaging. Show your gift receiver how well you know their individual tastes with a thoughtful hoodie!


Gift Ideas for Men

Tauntaun Hoodie - Shop        Poseable Plush Yoda Doll - Shop        Chewbacca Messenger Bag - Shop

See All Star Wars Gifts - Shop


Star Wars has been a classic from the moment it hit the big screen in the 1970s. And now, with Disney breathing new life into the franchise, all those wannabe Jedis out there will be thrilled to recieve any of these Star Wars gifts.


Holiday Gift Guide for Women


Gift Ideas for Women: Tunic Tank Dresses

Womens I Am Captain America Tunic Tank - Shop         Women's Loki Tunic Tank Dress - Shop

More Tunic Dresses - Shop


Tunic dresses are perfect for casual summer wear or for layering over leggings with a sweater in chilly months. These versatile tunics are a great staple piece for any woman with a flare for style.


Gift Ideas For Women: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Cuff Bracelet - Shop         Wonder Woman Envelope Wallet - Shop

Wonder Woman Faux Lace Up Socks - Shop         Wonder Woman Adult Comfy Throw - Shop

More Wonder Woman Costumes and Accessories - Shop


Easily the most iconic women's superhero, Wonder Woman is a great theme for the strong lady in your life. These gifts are practical and fun with the licensed classic Wonder Woman logo. She will be hard-pressed not to attempt the Linda Carter spin!


Gift Ideas for Women: Jewelry

Vintage Brass Pendant Necklace - Shop         Vintage Brass Double Chain Necklace - Shop

Vintage Brass Multi Chain Necklace - Shop

See All Jewelry - Shop


Jewelry doesn't need to be expensive to achieve a look that is rich and stunning. These vintage style statement necklaces are the perfect addition to any ladies jewelry collection.


Holiday Gift Guide for Boys


Boys Hoodies

Youth Captain America Hoodie - Shop         Kids Lego Movie Emmet Hoodie - Shop

Kids Yoda Costume Hoodie - Shop

See All Boys Hoodies - Shop 


Picking out a costume-themed hoodies for the little boy on your list is a great way to help them express their love for their favorite movie or character. Plus, fashion meets function as these sweatshirts are perfectly cozy for wintertime.


Gift Ideas for Boys

NFL Packers Uniform Costume - Shop         NFL Cowboys Uniform Costume - Shop

More NFL Uniform Costumes - Shop 


These uniform costume sets have it all - a jersey, pants, a helmet, iron-on numbers, and a trusty chin strap. This gift is perfect for playing around in the backyard or for a big Sunday at the stadium.


Gift Ideas for Boys

Child Doctor Scrubs with Lab Coat - Shop         Kid's Police Costume - Shop

More Creative Play Costumes - Shop 


Bulk up your son or grandson's play trunk with some of our uniform costumes. What job does your little boy want to grow up to have? A police officer or fireman? A doctor or a cowboy? We have it all!


Holiday Gift Guide for Girls


Gift Ideas for Girls

Prestige Aurora Costume - Shop         Girls Frozen Elsa Gown - Shop

See All Disney Princess Dresses - Shop


Can you imagine the look on a little girl's face the moment she lays eyes on her brand new Elsa replica gown? Be sure to have your camera ready, because that's a life-changer.


Toy Horses on a Stick

Fancy Prancer Unicorn on a Stick - Shop         Fancy Prancer Pony on a Stick - Shop

See More Toy Horses on a Stick - Shop 


Fancy Prancer Unicorn and Precious Pony are the perfect gifts for little princesses on the go. These colorful stick horses are guaranteed to accompany imaginative girls to their farthest away dreams and beyond.


Gift Ideas for Girls

Doctor Role Play Set - Shop         Melissa and Doug Backyard Explorer Costume - Shop

See All Role Play Costumes - Shop 


Just like with the boys costumes above, these role play costume sets can really add some extra oomph to a play trunk or dress-up closet. This will also help encourage creative play and get those imaginations moving.


Holiday Gift Guide for Teens


Teen Girl Skater Dresses

Womens Elsa Skater Dress - Shop    Adventure Time Princess Bubblegum Skater Dress - Shop

See All Skater Dresses - Shop


Skater dresses are an adorable gift idea for teen girls. The trademark silhouette of the skater dress is the capped sleeve and flared skirt. They can be worn with leggings or solo for a trendy and flattering look.

Gift Ideas For Teens

Panda Pajama Costume - Shop       Hello Kitty Pajama Costume - Shop       Owl Pajama Costume - Shop

More Pajama Costumes -  Shop


Cozy and cute, these leisure pajamas and kawaii kigurumi are perfect for slumber parties or playing video games while keeping warm. With easy snap fronts, these soft fleece jammies can easily go over your clothing or be worn while sleeping!

Gift Ideas for Teens

Leopard Hood - Shop         Owl Hoodie - Shop

Shop All Our Hoodies - Shop         More Teen Hoods - Shop


Toasty hoods are another easy, one-sized gift idea. Animal or character themed hats are not only fun and warm, but they are also trend forward!


Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gift Ideas


Fill stockings with more than just candy this Christmas Eve. Toys and accessories make great additions from Santa and his reindeer. Even items that don't fit in a standard stocking can be placed with a ribbon just under it. Here are some ideas for every person on your list. (And maybe you'll see something you like, too!)

Gift Ideas for Men

TARDIS Pom Beanie - Shop      Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - Shop      Storm Trooper Ceramic Bowl - Shop

Squeezable Stress Banana - Shop        TMNT Shell Lunch Box - Shop        Mario Can Koozie - Shop

More Stocking Stuffers For Men - Shop


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

Adult Brown Boots - Shop         Lace Cell Phone Bag with Chain - Shop

Turquoise Stone Stretch Bracelet - Shop         Black 8" Birch Table Lamp - Shop

9" Mercury Glass Perfume Bottle - Shop         Floral Lace Pantyhose - Shop

More Stocking Stuffers for Women - Shop


Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Adventure Time Jake Shield with Sounds - Shop          Hogwarts Scarf and Hat - Shop

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Gun - Shop        Chewbacca Backpack - Shop

More Stocking Stuffers for Boys - Shop


Stocking Stuffers for Girls

Sofia the First Classic Tin Purse - Shop      Pink Gumball Bracelet - Shop      Green Gumball Bracelet - Shop

Child Blue and Purple Tutu - Shop         Frozen Elsa's Shoes - Shop

Kids Black and White Legwarmers - Shop         Musical Glinda Wand - Shop

More Stocking Stuffers for Girls - Shop


Gift Ideas For Teens

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Plush Back Buddy - Shop         Mustache Necklace - Shop

80s Rainbow Striped Gloves - Shop        Aqua Hair Extension       Purple Glitter Candle - Shop

Captain America Crew Socks - Shop

More Stocking Stuffers for Teens - Shop

Happy Holidays from HalloweenCostumes.com to you and your family! We hope these ideas inspried you, but let us know if there is something else that you know you'd love to see under your tree this holiday season. Be sure to check back starting now through next month for amazing deals, too! Ho ho ho!

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