Costumes That Start With V [Costume Guide]

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Costumes That Start With V

It's time to letter party! If you're wondering what a letter party is, it's a party where attendees draw letters and wear costumes or bring food that starts with the letter they pulled. Should you end up with the letter "V", you might wonder what options you have here. Thankfully, tons of great Halloween costume ideas start with "V"! Keep reading for a list of our favorite letter "V" costume ideas.


1. Velma Costume

Velma Costume

Adult Velma Costume

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If you could be Velma for a day, who would say no? For many of us, Velma is one of our favorite Scooby-Doo characters. Velma costumes are also very comfortable, making them a great option if you plan to wear a Halloween costume for more than a couple of hours. Velma is probably one of our favorite letter "V" costume ideas!


2. Vampire Costume

Vampire Costume

Men's Vampire Costume

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Vampire costumes are another solid choice if you're looking at the letter "V". There are tons of great options for adults and kids, men and women, infants, plus size, and more. You can be cute, cool, sexy, or old-school, like your favorite Universal Monster. As far as versatile letter "V" costumes are concerned, vampires are a great option!


3. Viking Costume

Viking Costume

Women's Dark Viking Dress

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We were just talking about the versatility of vampire costumes, but you could say that Vikings are riding in the same boat. Viking costumes for adults, kids, and infants are easy to find, with multiple options at your fingertips. You can even find more historically accurate costume options or be as outlandish as you want in a sexy Viking costume. It's all in good fun! 


4. Venom Costume

Venom Costume

Kids' Venom Costume

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You might not realize it, but you're technically getting two letter "V' costumes if you pick Venom—Venom and villain! This iconic Spider-Man villain is technically an alien symbiote that corrupts the person it latches onto. Characters like Eddy Brock, Flash Thompson, and even Peter Parker have all been Venom at some point. Which Venom is your favorite?


5. Violet Beauregarde Costume

Violet Beauregarde Costume

Kids' Violet Beauregarde Costume

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You're turning violet, Violet! Violet Beauregarde probably regretted switching from gum to chocolate just to win a golden ticket, but we hope she learned from her experience. If you love involving makeup in your Halloween costumes, you'll probably enjoy picking a Violet Beauregarde costume for the letter "V". The viral makeup for Violet involved painting your nose a blue-violet color as if you had just started turning into a blueberry!


6. Vampirina Costume

Vampirina Costume

Toddler Vampirina Costume

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While we already mentioned vampire costumes, the character Vampirina is a more kid-friendly option. It's the perfect costume for little kids to be something a little scary for Halloween! Being the new kid on the block is tough, but Vampirina has the additional challenge of hiding that she's a vampire. How would you approach making new friends?


7. Vegeta Costume

Vegeta Costume

Adult Vegeta Costume

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Do you need an action-packed costume idea? Dragon Ball Z is known for its epic battles and fighting sequences, so a Vegeta costume may be what you want. This villain-turned-hero is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Z, partly due to his Saiyan heritage. We hope you have plenty of hair gel!


8. Velociraptor Costume

Velociraptor Costume

Kids' Velociraptor Costume

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While few animal costumes start with "V", there's a really cool dinosaur costume you can wear! Kids and adults who love dinosaurs have several styles of velociraptor costumes to wear for Halloween. Do you like inflatable dinosaur costumes or cozier jumpsuit styles? Is this costume for an adult, infant, or child? Find the velociraptor costume that's perfect for you!


9. Venus Costume

Venus Costume

Adult Venus Costume

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Would you love to be a goddess for a day? Venus is the Roman goddess of love, similar to the Greek Aphrodite. She was often depicted as a very beautiful woman, and roses and myrtle are commonly associated with the goddess. Find a toga costume that makes you feel beautiful, and add touches of roses to your jewelry, or carry a rose if you wish. We hope you feel like a goddess when you're in costume, too!


10. Vet Costume

Veterinarian Costume

Kids' Veterinarian Costume

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Did you ever want to work with animals as a kid, or does your kid want to do so now? Reach into your caring side with a veterinarian costume. This cute kids' vet costume has creative animal details, but you can also make something more realistic with a doctor's scrubs costume and a stuffed animal. Finish it off with a clipboard and a stethoscope, and you'll feel ready to care for everyone's pets.


11. Valak Costume

Valak Costume

Adult Valak Costume

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Halloween and horror go hand-in-hand, and horror fans will be happy to know that there is a horror movie costume that starts with "V". That would be Valak, one of the main villains in The Conjuring franchise. Also known as The Nun or The Crooked Man, Valak is a vengeful demon determined to cause death and destruction. Valak often takes the form of a scary nun, so you can always get a regular nun costume if you're confident in your special effects makeup skills!


12. Village People Costume

Village People Costumes

Sailor CostumeCowboy CostumeSoldier CostumeCop Costume

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A Village People costume requires a group, but if you can pull it off, you'll have people jamming to the YMCA. Members included people dressed as policemen, cowboys, soldiers, sailors, bikers, and construction workers. However, you don't necessarily need every single character for people to get the idea. This group was popular in the 70s and 80s, so if you love those eras for music, a Village People costume is perfect!


13. Vegetable Costume

Vegetable Costumes

Eggplant CostumeInflatable CostumeOnion CostumeCarrot Costume

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Mileage may vary on what people count as vegetables, but veggie costumes are tons of fun to wear. These silly food costumes are all gender-neutral, making it easy to assemble a group of friends to dress up with you. Most vegetable costumes are either inflatable or pull-over tunic costumes that you wear over your own clothes, making them easy to put on and take off whenever needed. If you love convenient costumes, these vegetable costumes are great!


14. Violet Parr Costume

Violet Parr Costume

Kids' Violet Parr Costume

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Did we just have another Violet costume idea? Yes, we did! Violet Parr is one of the members of the Incredibles family, specifically the older daughter. Her powers involve invisibility and forcefields, making her a defensive powerhouse who can get the family out of sticky situations. Which Incredibles superpower appeals to you the most?


As you can see, some great costume ideas start with "V". What was the first idea that popped into your head? Are we missing any letter "V" costumes? Let us know what you think in the comments. We hope you enjoy your next costume party, whether it's Halloween or a letter party!


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