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Tavern Gang Costume Suggestion


Summer is winding down and Halloween is still months away. Nevertheless, across the country costume enthusiasts will be gathering for the sacred American tradition of the Renaissance Faire. Ah yes, a magical time where one can watch a jousting tournament, throw an axe at a target and eat a turkey leg all in the same day- much like the Europeans of yesteryear whom the festival tributes. The Ren Faire season is upon us, and while it is not required to dress in costume to attend, we highly encourage it!  Going in traditional (or non-traditional) garb will elevate the faire experience for your group.  This resource will provide you with many such Renaissance Faire costume ideas that will spark cherished memories that will last the ages. 


Royal Court Group Costumes

Make way, the King and Queen approach! Dressing as a part of a Royal Court is one of the more traditional group ideas for the Ren Faire. Just remember your courtesies in case you cross the path of another court at the festival. No one wants another 100 years war.

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere Costumes

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Renaissance Faire King and Queen Costumes

Renaissance Queen- Shop and Richard the Lionheart- Shop

King and Queen Renaissance Costumes

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Knights Group Costume

What is a royal court without the knights of the realm to uphold their rule? Escort your Lord and Lady at the faire or heckle the other knights in the jousting tourney. As long as you have a large enough group of your brothers-in-arms that is. Knights are a prideful bunch.

Knight Renaissance Group Costume

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Robin Hood and Merry Men Group Costume

Another classic costume icon of the Renaissance Festival is Robin Hood. Take this idea a step further by getting a group together to become the legendary band of Merry Men.  Ladies can certainly join in on the fun too! This is a top choice for families going to the faire as well.

Robin Hood Renaissance Group Costume

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Monk Group Costume

While you can certainly add a Friar Tuck to your Robin Hood group, you could also go as a group of monks to the faire.  Imagine yourself walking in precession chanting in Latin (Pig Latin works too) spreading the good word. Onglay ivelay hetay enissanceray airesfay (translation- long live the renaissance faire!)

Renaissance Monk Group Costume

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Musketeer Group Costume

It is a well-accepted custom at the faire to allow a bit of time travel outside of the true Renaissance period. This leniency allows for some great group costume ideas outside the 'traditional' realm.  Without going too far off the scale, a group of musketeers is a fun and different way of experiencing the festival. All for one and one for all!


Musketeer Group Costume Idea

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Pirate Group Costume

While there were some pirates sailing the seas during the Renaissance, they probably did not look like the gang we would expect hanging out in the Port of Tortuga. Fortunately, no one is brave enough to turn away a group of pirates (which is good for everyone as they are known for being the best paying customers.) Got to spend all that pirate booty somewhere- why not at the Ren Faire! Savvy? 

Renaissance Pirate Group Costume

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 Viking Group Costume

All hail, Odin- All Father! If no one is brave enough to turn away a pirate from the Renaissance Faire, a horde of Vikings is sure to have safe passage. Pillaging should be kept to minimum as to not upset the locals, but otherwise the horde will be fine to fill their horns with mead and show up all the knights at axe throwing. 

Renaissance Faire Viking Group Costume

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 Lord of the Rings Group Costume

Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves? Oh my! Getting into the realm of Fantasy is also acceptable when going to the Ren Faire. The appetite of a hobbit is perfect for all different vendors that can be found at the festival.  Where to start- a turkey leg, pickle on a stick or a pint of ale? Good thing hobbits are accustomed to a seven-meal day lifestyle, as long as Gandalf doesn't drag you off on meddlesome adventures throughout the day. Something tells us he frequents the pony rides.


Lord of the Rings Renaissance Group Costume

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Renaissance Fairy Group Costume

Mustardseed, Peaseblossom, Cobweb and Moth- Shakespeare's fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream have certainly captivated the imaginations of multiple generations. Perhaps that is why the Renaissance fairy is another staple costume idea for the faire. A great idea for a group of ladies and their daughters, a fairy troupe is one of the more colorful and fun choices for the faire.

Renaissance Fairy Group Costume

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Mermaid Group Costume

Believe it or not, mermaids are becoming more prominent at Renaissance faires as well. Perhaps on the arm of a pirate or traveling in a pack of singing sirens, but always another interesting group choice for the festival. Try to stay near water as much as possible and watch out for those fairies- they are a bunch of pranksters (especially towards beautiful mermaids).


Renaissance Mermaid Group Costume

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Sexy Dragons Group Costume

Here is a new fun take on the classic dragon costume mashed up with the colors and playfulness of a fairy costume. You will surely attract the attention of a knight or two at the Ren Faire dressed as one of these sexy dragons. You may even get the chance to see some fire-breathing while you are the festival and feel right at home.

Sexy Dragon Group Costume

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Tavern Gang Group Costume

To end on a more traditional note, the tavern gang is a tried and true costume choice for the Renaissance Festival.  No one expects you defend the honor of the realm or perform magical feats. These Renaissance costume ideas are more lightweight and breezy which is nice for faire days on August scorchers. And if you were planning to spend the entire day at the beer gardens, you will fit right in.

Renaissance Faire Tavern Group Costume

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If you still need more inspiration check out our latest Renaissance costume guide.

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