Uniform Costume Ideas for 2012

Call everyone to attention in one of our high-quality uniform costumes this Halloween. We also have a wide variety of fashionable Army, Navy, firefighter, astronaut and police officer costumes for any age to be an everyday hero. Whether you're saluting your commanding officer or extinguishing a hot mess this Halloween, we have everything more than enough costume options and accessories to do you justice.


Army Costumes

Become one of America's finest this Halloween by wearing one of our men's, women's or kids Army costumes. Show your support of our troops this Halloween by paying tribute to our men and women in service with one of our Army costumes.


army costume ideas

(Army Costumes)


Navy Costumes

Sail the high seas of fashion in one of our Navy costumes. We have everything form traditional sailor uniforms, sexy sailing deckhands, tos pecially trained Navy SEAL costumes.


navy costume ideas

(Navy Costumes)


SWAT Costumes

Get your gear ready, this Halloween is going to be a riot! Dish out your own version of law, order and justice in one of our amazing SWAT costumes that all ages can enjoy!


swat costume ideas

(SWAT Costumes)


Police Office Costumes

Keep the peace in one of our police costumes this Halloween. Whether you keep the streets clean of candy snatchers in one of our kids police costumes or look positively arresting in one of our sexy police officer costumes, these costumes are great for laying down the law.


police costume ideas

(Police Costumes)


Firefighter Costumes

Be a hometown hero or look blazing hot this Halloween in one of our firefighter costumes. Whether you're putting fires out this Halloween or starting some fires of your own, you're sure to look smokin' in one of our fire fighter costumes!


firefighter costume ideas

(Firefighter Costumes)


Astronaut Costumes

Can't afford to send your kid to Space Camp? Let them be an astronaut for Halloween instead! You can live out your own childhood dreams of being an astronaut in one of our adult astronaut costumes.


astronaut costume ideas

(Astronaut Costumes)


Pinup Girl Costumes

Ladies, are you going out as a group for Halloween this year? Bring everyone to attention and be the life of the party when you show up as a platoon of USO girls! We carry a great selection of sexy military pinup girl costumes that would be perfect for cheering up the troops!

pinup girl costume ideas

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