Halloween Hairstyling Tips and Remington Style Tools Giveaway

As fans of HalloweenCostumes.com we’re confident you already know where to snag the perfect costumes for your Halloween festivities this year. But it’s important to remember that the best Halloween looks are ones that feature a complete style from head to toe.

Ladies, have you given thought to your Halloween hairstyle? Fellas, have you considered how you’ll be grooming your facial hair? In an effort to help you achieve the perfect “hair to toe” look we’ve teamed up with the styling gurus over at Remington this year. They have generously offered 4 awesome styling tools to give away to 4 lucky shoppers, along with expert tips on how to use them.


Remington products

There are 4 items in total: two hair styling tools for women, and two facial grooming tools for men. This week, we’ll be giving away the tools at random to HalloweenCostumes.com shoppers who purchase a costume in the categories outlined below. Yeah…it’s a little like finding a golden ticket in a Wonka Bar, only better.  Because this is really happening! May the odds be ever in your favor! Oh, wrong movie. 


Women’s Mermaid Costumes

One lucky shopper who purchases an adult women’s mermaid costume will be receiving a Remington Wet 2 Waves 2” Hair Waver in their package. This tool will help you achieve a magnificent mermaid mane that any sailor will be powerless to resist!



(Mermaid costumes)                                                     (Wet 2 Waves Tool)

Expert Styling Tip: This Wet 2 Waves tool makes achieving those beachy waves quick and easy! By avoiding blow drying, this waver will create longer lasting waves with a sleek finish. Use the Wet 2 Waves iron on damp hair, and wave small strands starting at the scalp and moving down to the ends. This two in one product will cut your styling time in half and your finished look will be chic, wavy, and full of body.   


Women’s Monster Costumes

Purchase a women’s monster costume and you could be the recipient of a Style Solutions Ultimate Stylist Flat Iron and Curling Iron. Monsters can be sleek and seductive or silly and whimsical. This tool allows you to create an accompanying hair style for any type of beast, be it monster volume or locks that are scary straight.



(Monster costumes)                                                           (Ultimate Stylist Tool)


Expert Styling Tip: The Ultimate Stylist is four hair tools in one! To achieve straight shiny hair, run the tool over small pieces of your hair just like a flat iron! For large curls, tight curls, or waves, unhinge the black tool on the side of the curler for waves or curls depending on the size and simply use like a curling iron. Slide the hair pieces through the curlers and get that gorgeous wave or curl – all in one tool!


Men’s Batman Costumes

Purchase a men’s Batman costume and you may be taking home a Men’s Pivot and Flex Triple Foil Shaver. Whether Bruce Wayne is attending ritzy galas or beating up bad guys, his face is always soft and smooth. Since the Batman mask reveals the bottom half of your face, it better be perfectly shaven!


batman costumes

(Batman costumes)                                                  (Triple Foil Shaver)


Expert Tip: If you want to achieve the closest, smoothest shave, the Pivot and Flex Technology shaver is the one for you. This shaver can be used wet or dry, and will leave your skin feeling smooth every time. It can be used cordless, or while charging. With the three flexing heads on the shaver, you can shave your face, chin, and jaw line with ease.


Men’s Pirate Costumes

Who’s a ruggedly handsome pirate? You arrrrrrrr! Or at least you could be if you’re the lucky winner of the Remington Touch Control Beard and Stubble Trimmer. Your stubble style will be perfectly befitting that of a pirate who has had a long day sailing the seven seas hunting for booty.


Pirate costumes

 (Pirate costumes)                                                (Beard and Stubble Trimmer)


Expert Styling Tip: This Remington trimmer is trendy and easy to use with a touch screen setting control! Not only will it give you exactly the look you want, it’s easily rechargeable using a USB. The trimmer is compact and easy to use, and will give you that precision trim every time.  This trimmer is perfect for achieving that stubble look and any other look with its 175 length settings.

Aleksandra Sobic

Aleksandra is HalloweenCostumes.com’s brand manager and senior Mario consultant. She believes that her stature, hair, passion for pink, and reverence of cake, make her the ideal candidate to play Princess Peach on Broadway. Some additional interests include crafting, wine, correcting people’s grammar, obsessing over Jurassic Park (remember, women inherit the earth!), and brainstorming ways to make sexy costume representations of typically un-sexy pop culture characters. Donkey Kong was a breeze but Jabba the Hutt is proving formidable.

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